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Todd Samson returns to Network 10 this week for the new season of Mirror Mirror. The two-part series Mirror Mirror: Love & Hate, will air Monday October 10 and Tuesday October 11 at 7:30 p.m. on October 10 and 10 Play.

Mirror Mirror kicked off last year as the series explored the societal crisis of body image dissatisfaction and the manipulative trillion-dollar industry that profits from it. Over the two nights, Sampson lifted the lid on the beauty industry and explored how people’s obsession with looks is exploited by the fitness, food and porn industries and how a image-obsessed culture can easily lead to disorder.

Now the series will follow Sampson as he explores how the internet is changing us and what we can do about it.

Media Week caught up with Sampson to discuss what viewers can expect from the new series, who said the expansion Mirror Mirror has always been part of his plan.

“I had seen Mirror Mirror as a broad concept that was to reflect society to us. I had a number of different ideas and different things that I think could work in this series. One was the Internet, which no doubt, we are on the cusp of one of the greatest societal crises of all time.

Considering that season 1 of Mirror Mirror Also widely touched on the internet, as part of his body image dissatisfaction survey, Sampson said he wasn’t concerned about retreading similar ground.

“It’s not a problem when the subject is as deep and as vast as the Internet. We haven’t really covered body image satisfaction. Except there’s a moment in the suicide segments where we realized the young woman was suffering from body image dissatisfaction. What we mean here is that Facebook and Instagram knew the correlation between body image dissatisfaction and Instagram. It was from their own internal research that they buried for two years until Frances Haugen drew attention to this research.

Work with a commercial network

The establishment of Mirror Mirror in a prime-time weeknight time slot was a brave move from 10 years ago, and one that the broadcaster is now doubling down on by airing the second series in the same time slot. The show pushes the boundaries of what qualifies as primetime material with its naturally confrontational nature. When asked about working with a business network on a project like this, Sampson said he only had 10 backings.

“I don’t really have that feeling that most people talk about when they talk about a business network. I’ve never had any restrictions from Channel 10. They’ve been incredibly supportive even on the most controversial content. I don’t know what this commercial filter is, because I don’t have it.

“What I understood was that the show attracted a lot of young audiences and it attracted a lot of parents with young children at home and it was at 7:30 p.m. prime time. The opening scene of this new series is quite shocking and it will be for many people. We needed to allow people to use their minds rather than being explicit. It is illegal for us to be explicit, it would have been illegal for us to be explicit even at 8:30 p.m. It’s this chart.

What to expect from Mirror Mirror: Love and Hate

When discussing the show, one particular situation featuring the popular online platform Omegle came up. While understanding that the situation might seem controversial, Sampson said the show’s purpose was not to push boundaries.

“We are at the limit there. We went with a former police officer who was into cybersecurity and an actress who played a 14 year old teenager, who was actually 19. We went on Omegle, and it was amazing. She was healed in 10 minutes and there was someone masturbating and at some point I couldn’t take it anymore. I shouldn’t have not but it’s not in front of the camera, I ran in front of the camera and said ‘you should be in fucking jail’. It went white on the screen. and then I started to control what was being said again, and the actors no longer saw anything. When I got back, he started masturbating again, and it’s the same guy who tried to groom me on WhatsApp. All this within 10 minutes of activating the application.

“The intention is not to be shocking or even to push the limits. Young kids watching this will know that for years, so that’s beside the point. The goal is to explore the world in a way that is impactful and practical for people so they can learn what they can do, instead of just feeling paralyzed.

mirror Mirror

Todd Sampson standing on a hair transplant in season 1

The characters who make Mirror Mirror

The heart and soul of the first season series were multi-dimensional characters that allowed Sampson to tell the story from a personalized perspective. Sampson said that was the case again this year.

“It’s all seen through the eyes of those who live it, every segment. It’s all true. There’s no theory, obviously the experts come and they explain things and they get practical tools, but we see really see the world through the eyes of those who experience it. For me, that’s what I’m most interested in. It’s the stories that I like to tell.

Sampson’s best-known work for 10 was his series Hack the body which saw Sampson himself become actively involved in the subject, for Mirror Mirror he said it was a conscious decision to move away from that style.

“I made a very conscious choice not to do that as much on the show because I don’t want to be a distraction. I don’t want it to get on me. I totally immerse myself in their universe. I’m there with them. I don’t judge them. I hear them. This is not a debate. This is not a failed series. A lot of that was emotional for me, I cried more in this series than I cried in everything Hack the body combined.”

The future of mirror mirror

Asked about the future of the series, Sampson said he already had a few ideas in mind.

” There is plenty to do. I’m just working on these things now. I get very myopic when I’m making movies, so I spent eight months just thinking about it, that’s all I can think about when it’s on.

Created and written by Todd Sampson, Mirror Mirror: Love & Hate is a Baltimore Films production for Network 10.


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