Websites charge travelers up to $100 for help with SG arrival card submission


SINGAPORE — Websites offering to help travelers apply for the SG Arrival Card — which they need to enter Singapore — have popped up, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) said. ) at the Straits Times.

All travellers, including Singaporeans, must include their health declaration, among other requirements, in their submission, as part of ICA’s border control measures in response to the pandemic.

Submission through the official SG arrival card electronic service is free, but some portals, which are hosted abroad, charge up to $100 for their assistance.

These websites display photographs of popular Singapore landmarks such as the Merlion and the ArtScience Museum, which may mislead travelers into believing that they are affiliated with the government or authorized to provide such services.

But these portals are not phishing sites and they provide a legitimate service for a fee, said Jonathan Kok, technology attorney at Withers KhattarWong.

However, there is always a risk that the personal data that users provide to these websites, such as their passport number or credit card details, may be misused.

Mr Kok said: “For example, someone may use this information and open online accounts with financial institutions or e-commerce sites or commit fraud on behalf of that individual, causing that individual to lose , damage to his reputation and emotional distress due to the misuse of his identity.”

The CIA said it is aware of 12 websites advertising these services for a fee. It does not support or endorse these services and is not affiliated with them.

“The submission is free and takes about 3-10 minutes, so there is no need for a professional to complete the SG arrival card,” the authority added.

Some of these websites claim that they can provide email support and assistance by travel experts in languages ​​such as Russian, French, and Korean.

They also offer to help travelers review their submission to avoid missing information.

In response to these claims, the ICA said: “Travellers will not be refused entry due to invalid or incorrect submissions, unless they have made a false declaration in the SG arrival card .


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