TransplantStrong’s Donor-Seeker® Program Launches Mobile App to Boost Kidney Transplant Opportunities


“TransplantStrong, a patient engagement platform for proactive kidney patients, is pleased to unveil its ‘Donor Seeker’ app available for free download from the Apple App Store.”

A new mobile app speeds up the search for living kidney donors

PHOENIX – July 11, 2022 – TransplantStrong, a patient engagement platform for proactive kidney patients, is pleased to unveil its “Donor Seeker” app available for free download in the Apple App Store. Created as a mobile extension of the online Donor-Seeker® program, this fast-track app teaches kidney disease patients how to amplify their search for a living donor.

Donor-Seeker’s four-part video series can be viewed in less than 15 minutes in English and Spanish. Users can access the resources section to download a course completion certificate, other forms, and links to additional materials.

“In our country alone, more than 97,000 people are waiting for a kidney transplant, and the wait to get a kidney from a deceased organ donor can take five to ten years. The lion’s share is waiting for dialysis, which comes with demanding routines that pose additional risks and health issues,” says Risa Simon, President of Simon Says Seminars, Inc.

“While the key is to find a living kidney donor who can end their wait, volunteer volunteers must pass astronaut-style health tests to become suitable candidates for living donation.” Simon adds: “For this reason, patients are encouraged to attract several potential donors, not just one.

Simon knows what it takes to find a compatible donor. His tireless efforts attracted five dedicated donors in two years. For various reasons, however, they were all disqualified. Fortunately, a sixth volunteer appeared and was approved to move forward. Following their successful surgeries, Simon had to make an important decision. She could either ignore the information gaps that disadvantaged access to the transplant, or create learning platforms to fill those gaps. She chose the latter.

The Donor-Seeker® program was created to raise awareness of the needs by inspiring natural conversations about living kidney donation. Simon says, “Our story sharing examples have been designed to build trust in communication, listener curiosity and social media sharing. At best, those interested display a genuine desire to make a difference. »

To date, more than 170,000 people have donated one of their kidneys to someone in need. One in four donors has no biological connection to their recipient and some are altruistic strangers. Simon says, “The benefit of bringing in family and friends to help the patient expand their awareness of needs, beyond their inner circle, can be extremely rewarding. »

Several transplant centers are now introducing their patients to the Donor-Seeker® program through a partnership at no cost. Large dialysis groups are also interested in referring their patients to this accelerated platform, to increase transplant opportunities that promote better outcomes.

“The UC Davis Kidney Transplant Program connects patients directly to TransplantStrong’s donor search program to help normalize the conversation about finding a living donor,” says Melissa Bein, MS, RN and Executive Director , UC Davis Transplant Center. “The program provides practical tools allowing patients to approach the subject with more confidence and ease. Most importantly, the program provides an avenue of action for patients and families. That works!”

“We are honored to offer the Donor-Seeker® program to those who could benefit from a living donor transplant,” added Simon. “We are also excited about the launch of our new app, as it allows patients who typically learn from their mobile devices to participate.”

For more information, visit or download the app at Apple App Store. Watch for the Android version of the Donor-Seeker® app coming soon.

Email Risa Simon directly at [email protected] if your organization wants to leverage its patient engagement activities through brand sponsorships.

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