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In post-apocalyptic survival games like 7 days to die, players need two things (besides luck) if they are to survive. Players survive thanks to their tools and talents. Tools in this game include guns and melee weapons, as well as real tools like pickaxes and augers.

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The talent part comes down to how players divide the points they get into the different perks. Choosing the wrong perk can make this game a lot harder than it should be, and therefore a lot less enjoyable. Choosing the right perks won’t just work 7 days to die much less stressful, but much more rewarding.

ten Machine gunner

Reload Tactical Assault Rifle in 7 Days to Die
  • Attribute: Courage
  • Group: Combat
  • Maximum level: 5

Beginner players will not need this advantage too much; However, investing a few points in this perk once a player starts getting better weapons will make a noticeable difference. The M60 is one of the best weapons in the game – the Tactical Assault Rifle and AK-47 aren’t bad either.

These weapons have their damage greatly increased via this perk. At higher levels, this perk also restores stamina for each hit with a machine gun. Encounters range from “Oh no! Zombies!” To, “Oh … zombies”.


9 Shade

Sneak around with a primitive ax in 7 Days To Die
  • Attribute: Agility
  • Group: Stealthy
  • Maximum level: 5

This is a big advantage at first, but as a player levels up the need to be sneaky becomes less – but no less effective. This perk grants a list of perks that will help a player stay unnoticed and alive. There are also some great perks like Hidden Strike which work much better if the player invests a few points in that perk.

From the Shadows makes shadow concealment much more effective, increases the player’s crouch speed, muffles sounds made by a character, and reduces the time enemies will seek for the player.

8 Pain tolerance

Get hit by a zombie in 7 Days To Die
  • Attribute: Courage
  • Group: Survival
  • Maximum level: 5

There are many factors to stay alive in 7 days to die; among the most important, increasing the damage you deal to the enemy and reducing the damage you take from enemies. This perk will not help a player deal more damage; this will make the player character resistant to damage.

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Each point invested in this perk increases the amount of damage resistance. It starts at 5% damage reduction at level one, and each level increase increases that percentage by 5%. This perk also makes a character less likely to be stunned.

seven Minor 69er

Ore mining in 7 days to die
  • Attribute: Strength
  • Group: Construction
  • Maximum level: 5

Handicrafts are a major component of 7 days to die. Of course, there are ways to be successful in the game without having to craft whatever you use, but being able to craft items yourself is more reliable than hoping a trader has what you need. Miner 69er allows players to collect raw materials more efficiently by increasing block damage (a bit).

This advantage has other beneficial aspects which are less documented. Sometimes a player can be trapped in a building; with this advantage, they can quickly make their own exit through any wall. The damage dealt when using tools against entities is also increased.

6 Sexual Tyrannosaurus

Use a melee weapon against zombies in 7 Days To Die
  • Attribute: Strength
  • Group: General strength
  • Maximum level: 5

As in most zombie survival games, in 7 days to die guns are safer, but melee weapons are more reliable. For starters, a baseball bat can’t run out of ammo – it also doesn’t make loud noises that will attract more zombies. This advantage makes the use of melee weapons even more convenient; not by increasing damage, but by reducing the amount of stamina that weapons and melee tools cost.

Starting at rank 2, this perk also starts granting stamina for each zombie killed with a melee weapon. At rank five, a player can almost exclusively use powerful attacks indefinitely thanks to this stamina bonus. This perk and Miner 69er work well together.

5 Mechanic

Screenshot from 7 Days to Die showing the avatar on a motorcycle.
  • Attribute: Intellect
  • Group: Arts and crafts
  • Maximum level: 5

This perk opens up a lot of crafting possibilities that improve the game in many ways. The Grease Monkey perk allows the player to build vehicle and vehicle accessories, as well as other useful items. At the second level, this perk allows players to build the minibike.

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The minibike saves the player the hassle of walking everywhere, and it comes with 27 additional storage spaces. The additional storage is ideal for allowing players to extend harvest cycles. Grease Monkey also allows the player to craft more efficient gas cans and car batteries.

4 Healing factor

Finding Medical Supplies in 7 Days To Die
  • Attribute: Courage
  • Group: Recovery
  • Maximum level: 5

There are several ways that players can heal their characters in 7 days to die. There is food and medical supplies. The problem is, these standard forms of healing are all active – not passive. Basically, this means that a character’s health doesn’t replenish on its own.

If a player wants their character to heal naturally over time, they must have the Healing Factor perk. This perk restores health and helps critical wounds heal faster. In the first rank, a player regenerates 1 point of life every 90 seconds; at rank five, they gain 1 hit point every 6 seconds.

3 Best barter

Dealing with a merchant in 7 Days To Die
  • Attribute: Intellect
  • Group: Affecting
  • Maximum level: 5

A player can turn their character into a crafting machine – that’s a way forward. Another equally reliable way to go is to put points into Better Barter and simply buy what you need from the traders. This perk increases the price of goods sold and lowers the price of items a player purchases.


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The best prices are great, but the real reason for gaining this advantage is that it makes traders’ secret stashes more likely to have better items. Forget about collecting materials to build a rocket launcher. Just take this advantage and buy one from a merchant – at a decent price too.

2 The daring adventurer

Fight zombies with a crossbow in 7 Days To Die
  • Attribute: Intellect
  • Group: Affecting
  • Maximum level: 4

This is an advantage that players should definitely take. Gathering resources is fine, but the real gains come from quest rewards. At the end of a quest, players can choose from two rewards. The choice is usually between a large stack of Dukes (the in-game currency) or bonus experience points.

The Daring Adventurer Perk adds additional choices to the player and, at rank four, allows the player to choose two rewards. This perk also increases the number of Dukes they receive from quest rewards.

1 Lucky Raider

Looting crates in 7 Days To Die
  • Attribute: Perception
  • Group: Scanning
  • Maximum level: 5

Get better loot 7 days to die is taken into account by the level of the player, and how long they go without dying. Increasing these two factors will progress the player to a game stage (or loot stage) – of which there are three. The higher a player’s game level, the better the loot they can find when harvesting.

The in-game description of this perk is a bit vague. He indicates that he grants a bonus of X% to the loot found. Higher ranks result in a higher percentage. It doesn’t mean that you find more articles. This percentage goes to a player’s stage of play. In other words, this perk allows players to find better loot from weaker enemies.


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