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Whether you grew up with Hanukkah or are celebrating this Jewish holiday for the first time, you should know that food plays a vital role. Lighting the menorah (or ‘hanukiah) and reciting the blessings takes priority, but after that it is time to eat. From sweet to savory and appetizers to desserts, here are the vegan Jewish dishes that should be enjoyed at any Hanukkah celebration, even if it is a celebration.

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1 Latkes

Fried potatoes come in many forms, but latkes are a favorite this time of year. These tasty potato pancakes are made with grated white potatoes held together with a binder (like flax roe or chickpea flour) and traditionally fried in oil to celebrate the fact that the oil used for oil lamps lasted eight days instead of one. Latkes are traditionally served with sour cream (vegan) and / or applesauce.
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2 Sufganiyots

Jelly donuts can be polarizing, but sufganiyot seem to be universally loved. A Sephardic tradition, this sweet sourdough bread is filled with fruit jam and generously sprinkled with powdered sugar. It can also serve as both a breakfast and a dessert (and a snack, if you still haven’t had your dose of sufganiyot).
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3 Matzo ball soup

No offense to your Bubbe, we think a vegan version of matzo dumpling soup is even better than its decades-old recipe. This warming dish consists of matzo-based dumplings floating in a clear, flavorful vegetable broth (the non-vegan version is usually made with chicken). We’ll have this comfort food over chicken soup any day.
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4 Kugel

Kugel is a casserole dish that has both sweet and savory iterations. Like the casserole, it is extremely versatile, very filling and feeds a crowd. Kugel is a staple among several Jewish holidays, and for Chanukah, we recommend making one for dinner and one for dessert. You have eight days to eat!
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5 Brisket

Tender and delicious, a slow roasted vegan beef brisket on Hanukkah is the perfect main course loaded with protein. The meaty texture and chewiness are mimicked with homemade seitan (a seasoned blend of vital wheat gluten). It is a kind of entrance that sticks to the coast and is ideal for harsh winter nights.
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6 Schnitzel

Schnitzel literally means slice in German. It is traditionally prepared with thin slices of breaded and fried meat. The vegan version gets creative by complementing the meat with seitan, eggplant or portobello mushrooms. Serve a vegan mushroom sauce or sliced ​​candied lemon.
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7 Babka

Unlike the mellow sweetness of sufganiyot, babka is dense. It’s a heavy, enriched dough swirling with a sweet (or savory) filling. Although it may seem complex, the complex design is easier to achieve than it looks. Give it a try and don’t be surprised if you feel a surge of pride when you take your first babka out of the oven.
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8 Brioche

Challah is perhaps our favorite Jewish bread (it’s a mix between that and bagels). It’s slightly sweet, a bit dense, and extremely addicting. You are going to have to bake several loaves of bread (like four) to get through the full eight days of Chanukah.
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VegNews.frenchtoastLove and lemons

9 French toast

As difficult as it can be, you’ll want to save some freshly made challah for breakfast the next morning. Its thick and rich texture is the ideal container for French toast. The result is golden and crisp on the outside with a soft, melting texture on the inside. Let it rain maple syrup!
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ten Hanukkah Apple Cake

What vacation is complete without a cake? This flagship product combines with warming cinnamon, fresh apples and coconut sugar, which gives a pleasant caramel note without tasting too sweet. Serve with coffee, tea or a generous scoop of vegan ice cream.
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