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Working on a laptop all day isn’t always the most comfortable. Along with the undeniable strain on your eyes and wrists, you tend to sag during your daily work, leading to soreness and stiffness at the end of the workday. However, there are ways to mitigate this – and one of them is a good laptop stand.

It’s a simple concept: having your screen elevated keeps you more upright and alleviates stress on your back and shoulders. So if you’re hunched over at home, or even crammed into an office cubicle, having some flexibility with your screen can be invaluable.

Just like with lap desks or standing desks, it’s easy to assume there’s not much to differentiate between laptop stands that look reasonably similar and share the same purpose. But we all work differently, stand in different poses, and probably have different workspaces. This means that any good laptop stand should fundamentally be flexible, adjustable and, of course, roomy enough to adapt to all day-to-day working conditions as needed.

Here’s a rundown of five of the best laptop stands that can meet those criteria — and throw in some extra fun features, too.

1. obVus Solutions Adjustable Laptop Stand


It’s not easy to find a laptop stand that’s the right mix of sturdiness and flexibility. The obVus offers this, thanks to a smooth and lightweight design that also allows for a range of working positions. It’s made entirely of lightweight aluminum, but it can also support the heaviest laptops without deforming or losing its position. This adjustable laptop stand also has ventilation space and an extra hinge so you can easily use a tablet for gaming or taking notes. It collapses and folds perfectly, so it works great for hybrid work or travel.

ObVus Solutions Adjustable Laptop Stand



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2. Grovemade Wooden Laptop Stand


While metal racks make a lot of sense, there’s something about a wooden rack that adds an organic aesthetic to a workspace. That’s the appeal of Grovemade’s wooden laptop stand, which is crafted from walnut and maple plywood, while the legs are crafted from cork. This gives the stand a sturdy and organic look. There is also a retractable pocket for other belongings and a stainless steel holder to keep your laptop in place. It can support up to 200 lbs and you can add a tray and mouse pad to complete the stylish set.

Grovemade laptop stand

Grovemade Wooden Laptop Stand


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3. PWR+ laptop stand


Versatility is crucial in a laptop stand, and for those with back and neck issues, the ability to stand at different heights and move around is also important. And it is for these people that the PWR+ laptop stand is most useful. It is one of the best ergonomic laptop stands on the market thanks to its flexibility, as it can be adjusted in nine different ways. The strong metal frame and sturdy hinges also make it very sturdy.

PWR+ laptop stand

PWR+ laptop stand



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4. MOFT Z Invisible Slim Laptop Stand


Laptop stands can be an eyesore at times, and for some that’s a reasonable trade-off considering the productivity boost they offer. But you won’t have to sacrifice style with the slim invisible sit-stand desk from MOFT Z. The stand has a sleek, slim yet sturdy fiberglass design, assembled into a sleek Z-shape. These parts are flexible enough to offer variable angles (from 25 to 60 degrees) and up to 10 additional inches of lift for your screen. It doubles as an iPad or tablet stand, and it folds flat so you can easily travel with it.

Slim Invisible Sit-Stand Desk MOFT Z

MOFT Z Slim Invisible Laptop Stand



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5. VariDesk Pro Plus


You can get a perfectly good laptop stand for under $100. However, if you have a little more to spend and want more features, consider the VariDesk Pro Plus standing desk converter. The stand measures over two feet wide and offers three feet of additional height, and features adjustable monitor and keyboard shelves to best suit your sitting or standing needs. The sturdy base can support two monitors as well as a large number of office supplies. Basically, if you want to turn your basic table into a fancy desk, the VariDesk is your best bet.

VariDesk Pro Plus

VariDesk Pro Plus



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