Select Xbox Players Get Free Store Credit


Lucky players are finding vouchers appearing in their accounts in the run-up to Microsoft’s Xbox and Bethesda presentation this Sunday.

There is a reason Microsoft has been in the console business for over 20 years. From Xbox Game Pass, the monthly subscription service, to the Xbox Design Lab, where gamers can create their own custom controllers, Microsoft is seen as a gamer-centric company.

With regular competitions and giveaways, Microsoft is no stranger to surprising and delightful gamers. The Redmond company has a dedicated rewards platform designed for players to earn points so they can win prizes, which often include exclusive consoles. While the Microsoft Rewards program isn’t foolproof, it’s certainly popular with gamers. However, these are not the only tactics the Xbox team uses to interact with players.


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As noted by Reddit user spidey555, Microsoft apparently applies a $10 credit to random accounts. They urge other players to check if they were lucky enough to receive the gift. This isn’t the first time Microsoft has sent out gift cards and the growing list of responses seems to indicate it’s a wide rollout, with games around the world confirming they’ve received the bonus, although in their equivalent currency. Reports seem to vary as to how much was added, as a Redditor says $14 was applied.

Microsoft usually sends out small gift cards to gamers in preparation for big events like E3. With the Xbox and Bethesda showcase just days away, the gift cards could be seen as an attempt to entice gamers to pre-order one of the big Xbox Series X/S releases from Bethesda. star field is about to make an appearance, so gamers might be tempted to secure a digital copy of the game.

It looks like Microsoft isn’t telling people about the gift card, so Xbox players should verify their accounts. If vouchers have been applied, they will show up under the Payments & Billing tab. If past drops are any indication, there will be a time limit on when the card must be used. Microsoft previously only allowed a 2-3 week window to use these cards.

The $10 might not extend to a full AAA game, but Microsoft generally doesn’t limit what those drops can be used on. Players can choose to spend the money on the plethora of indie titles available or save it for the next big sale. Players may even be able to use the funds to pick up Cuphead: the delicious last dish DLC which has been confirmed for release at the end of this month.

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