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In the weeks following the acquisition of their $ 3 million prefabricated neighborhood by the residents of Sans Souci Cellular Park, the new co-op uncovered classes on home ownership.

Proudly owning a property – especially one where residents own their homes and rent out the land it sits on – is not without its challenges. Michael Peirce, president of Sans Souci Householders Affiliation, acknowledged that home owners are getting used to their new roles.

But for Peirce, who has lived in the park for almost three years, freedom and stability come at the cost of proudly owning the park.

While the June 21 acquisition of former owner Try Communities was a long-held dream for some Indigenous residents, others are cautious. Some just don’t see the benefits.

“I’m not all for buying something that I’m not legally personal,” said Johnny Wright of Sans Souci, who was not part of the co-op to buy the park.

Wright and other Sans Souci residents didn’t have to hold on to the newly shaped co-op that is now the best fit for the neighborhood.

Nonetheless, Tim Townsend, an operations coordinator for the Thistle nonprofit area in Boulder who helped the co-op get started, argued that these were their best activities.

“You don’t have to hitch,” he said. “But when they do, it really works. After that, they will vote. You can decide if you need to change the statutes. “

Others fear for their hiring. This is a concern shared by a number of consumers. In September, the rental will improve from about $ 150 to $ 750 per month. Over the next 12 months, it will rise to $ 800 before dropping to $ 856 per 30 days in 2023. After that, it will likely be reduced to a 1% annual increase including taxes and business bills.

Peirce acknowledged that the hike was a problem for many residents with eternal incomes. He said rents would rise more slowly than previous owners, but eventually hit the next number. The co-op may be looking for subsidies to offset a number of prices, so current estimates are the worst-case scenario.

While Boulder landlords have reported steadily rising rents for years, manufactured homes are generally the cheapest type of housing available without government subsidies, according to the Manufactured Housing Institute.

And in Boulder, where examines the sale value of a typical home is around $ 1 million, manufactured homes are a very inexpensive choice.

This is the case with Peirce, who moved to Sans Souci when house prices drove him out of Boulder. Juston Martin, operations supervisor for Sans Souci HOA, also qualified this.

“As a young man in a startup home, this is one of the few issues you can afford in Boulder,” he said.

An indication that claims “We Personal It! Depicts the success of the residents of Sans Souci Cellular Residence Park, who took advantage of brand new state regulations that allowed them to purchase the park from its former owner. (Matthew Jonas / worker photographer)

Work in progress for a very long time

Residents of the RV neighborhood in southwestern Boulder County, just outside the city limits, are considering buying the neighborhood because it was purchased in 2018 for $ 3.85 million by RV Horizons, Colorado-based – the owner before Try.

RV Horizons has come up with new guidelines and necessities that many believe will take them away from the park.

“We have operated for 40 years as a very peaceful park that lives and helps to stay,” said Peirce.

The brand new possession has impressed some residents of Sans Souci to work it out. Ultimately, the Colorado Coalition of Manufactured Householders, established in Boulder, decided to work on legislative changes that would allow homeowners to trade variations with park house owners and allow owners to purchase their park. .

“So we did all of this mainly to protect ourselves and to come together so that next time we can buy the park and help everyone in the state,” Peirce said.

Their work has resulted in a whole new way of invoice buying, led by Representative Edie Hooton of Boulder, which gives RV park owners the option to make a park purchase suggestion if the owner intends to promote it or use it from home. vary the nation. It only requires more than half of the neighborhood to report the acquisition.

A rigorous course of

Beyond that, although the bill has made the acquisition potential, it offers no help.

“It was powerful,” Martin said of the method.

This is where cheap non-profit accommodation in Boulder is available. Thistle is partnering with ROC USA, an organization serving to improve the ownership of manufactured homes by residents, to provide technical assistance.

“Since most of the residents don’t know the methods of running a business properly, they are a kind of unit that makes the business run smoothly, guide residents through the method, help them with problems, problems like that, ”Peirce said.

Once the acquisition was official, Townsend, the coordinator for Thistle, said the nonprofit would continue to offer help for a decade or so throughout the mortgage.

While the previous owner paid for the development of a brand new wastewater treatment plant, the cooperative has to pay not only the mortgage, but also the prices of the renovation of the wastewater treatment plant and all the others. essential maintenance work. This capital expenditure is another space through which the cooperative will apply for grants.

Michael Peirce, president of the Sans Souci Cellular Residence Park Home Owners Association, looks at the park’s contemporary water treatment system. Now that the residents’ affiliation owns the park, it will likely be responsible for maintaining the tools. (Matthew Jonas / worker photographer)


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