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JAKARTA, June 14, 2022- (ACN Newswire) — A link shortener platform or link shortener called S.id officially launched its new feature, the microsite, in mid-April 2022. This feature will make it easier for users , especially content creators or online businesses, to promote their service products through social media links. For example, Instagram and Tiktok.


Ruby Alamsyah, CEO of PT. Aidi Digital Global (PT ADG), the developer of the S.id platform, said that the addition of features on the S.id platform aims to make it easier for users to meet digital marketing needs.

“Currently, if we want to do link shortener and bio link, we have to use two platforms. However, adding microsite functionality on S.id forces users to use only one platform. -shape. As a result, it is easier and more convenient to use for marketing tools,” Ruby said.

Features that can be enjoyed using the microsite on S.id include several attractive themes and the creation of unique microsite names and links; several components can be included: text, links, images, videos, and horizontal links (links). social media) and may also display statistics on the progress of links to microsites, such as data on the number of visitors, visitors per click or unique visitors.

Of course, all views on the microsite can be changed at will without any limitations.

S.id Marketing Manager Dimaz Maulana added that the microsite feature is currently still in beta or development stage. “Unlike the Link Shortener, released in 2015, the microsite functionality is still in beta stage but can be used well. We hope users can use them while providing feedback on the microsite functionality so that we may develop these features, to provide an optimal experience for users in the future.” said Dimaz.

Unlike similar products, S.id has its uniqueness in its system because S.id has two unlimited free features in one platform, namely microsite and link shortener. This will allow you to very easily use the two main features in a single account, which is very convenient and accessible.

Apart from being a bio link, the S.id microsite also works to accommodate multiple links in one place for their subscribers to reach. For example, you can promote your online store on the S.id microsite by adding online store links, reviews, social media links, and business profiles that potential buyers can access.

S.id also helps users shorten long links to be shorter, unique and neat.

S.id was initially just a link shortener and was intended only for in-country users. So far, S.id has helped more than 400,000 users with access to up to 30 million accesses per month to achieve a digital experience that meets the needs of global users and continue to make various developments.

Ruby hopes that the S.id service will become a marketing tool used at home and abroad.

“We hope that S.id can become a digital product of pride for the Indonesian people and also be widely used by foreigners so that they can make local products go global.” Close Ruby.

By further introducing the benefits of S.id service, currently S.id is opening a competition for all circles of society to use the features available in S.id. Not just a helpful contest, S.id also features contest prizes of up to 17 million. For more information on this contest, you can visit http://S.id/lombamicrosite and register right away!

You can access the S.id service through the link https://S.id and register your S.id account to enjoy all the best features. S.id, the shortest link shortener and microsite builder!

About S.id

S.id is a platform for people to show their expertise in building microsites and shorten the shortest links with s.id/ code. Not just an online content application, but S.id is also a marketing tool that makes it easier for people, especially content creators, influencers, brands or corporate marketers to share information, knowledge, expertise and knowledge about the products marketed. everyone through the features provided by S.id.

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