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BERLIN, November 10, 2021 / CNW / – The new trend in smartphones is called eSIM. The latest generation of SIM cards offers the advantage of no longer having to change SIM card when changing operator, staying abroad or changing tariffs. Sounds good, but unfortunately, so far only a few manufacturers offer smartphones with an integrated eSIM chip. It would be really good to use the new eSIM standard. But is that why you have to buy a new smartphone again? It is not only expensive, but also harmful to the environment. Fortunately, a solution to this problem is now available in the market. logo

The company TelcoVillage thought about it and with has developed a product that can upgrade almost any smartphone to the new standard – once and for all. Additionally, is currently the only way to use DUAL eSIM on an Android smartphone. meets all technical standards of eSIM technology. Most cellular network operators are already working with invites all network operators for long term cooperation.

The unique functions of
Once installed in the smartphone, you can use the card to download all eSIM profiles online. All you need to do is insert the card into the SIM card slot of the smartphone, download the free app from Google Playstore, and then simply scan the QR codes for all areas of the phone. ‘application.

The card can store more than 10 eSIM profiles. “It’s very simple and very practical,” explains Maximilian Rößner of TelcoVillage GmbH. “With our APP you can easily switch between profiles without having to change SIM cards each time, as was the case before. “

Protect the environment and save money with
The card is suitable for extending the life of a smartphone by several years. The innovative technology ensures that the mobile phone is upgraded and can be equipped with the latest features and rates at any time. At the same time, you do good for the environment, because it avoids plastic waste and also CO2 emissions that would result from the production and transport of new SIM cards.

There is only one cost when purchasing the card. The card only provides eSIM technology, so the user can purchase the desired eSIM profiles or install their existing mobile phone contract as an eSIM profile.

Those interested who want to know if their Android smartphone can be equipped with eSIM compatibility can download the app here:

Contact details:
TelcoVillage GmbH
Hennigsdorfer Street 126
13503 Berlin
Phone. : +49 30 22 179 00 00
Email: [email protected]

Issuer of the press release: Maximilian Rößner (Roessner)
Responsible person: Maximilian Rößner (Roessner), +49 15888 700 700

Company profile:

TelcoVillage GmbH is an innovator in the telecommunications sector and has, among others, multinational mobile network operators as customers.

With cellular core networks developed in-house, cellular numbers (voice, SMS, RCS) are implemented in the cloud all over the world and integrated into digital services such as Microsoft Teams.

With the revolutionary product, eSIM compatibility is added to smartphones, which extends their lifespan. So everyone can make a lucrative contribution to environmental protection.

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