RERA restricts sale and purchase of Gurgaon projects for repeated non-compliance by developers


The Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) Gurugram has restricted the sale and purchase of properties from the Neo Square Commercial Projects in Area 109 for repeated non-compliance with the deficit documents required to complete and extend the certificate of RERA registration.

RERA Chairman Dr. KK Khandelwal said: “The RERA registration and license, as of date, of Neo Square Commercial Projects has expired. The promoter has already been granted seven opportunities and has still not corrected the shortcomings, including the renewal of the license.

He added: “The Authority hereby decides to issue a show cause notice to the proponent explaining why this request for the grant of extension of registration of the project should not be rejected for lack of license renewal and grants an opportunity under Rule 6 of the Haryana Rules. , 2017 to rectify the defects, i.e. submission of license renewal within 30 days from the date of issuance of communication regarding such defects, i.e. today today 12.09.2022 and further offers the possibility of being heard in the matter on 17.10.2022 at 2.00 a.m. Prime Minister at the office of the Authority pursuant to Article 6 of the 2016 Law.”

RERA has also issued a public notice informing the public not to engage in selling and buying in this project.

A statement released by RERA read: “The authority has also prohibited the promoter from engaging in any sales in this project until the registration is extended. Similarly, in the Zen Residence 1 project, a group housing project in Sector 70A, the Authority observed gross negligence on the part of the developer as the one-year extension period permitted under Article 6 has already expired and a large number of documents are still awaiting submission. including the standard deficit fee in the absence of a further extension. The promoter has had enough opportunities for this. The Authority has issued a show cause notice indicating why the application for authorization to maintain registration under Article 7(3) should not be refused. »

The statement added: ‘The developer of an affordable group housing development, The Meridian at Sector 89, has already been granted over 10 opportunities and has yet to address the shortcomings. The Authority has sent a notice of justification to the promoter indicating why its application for the granting of an extension of registration of the project should not be rejected for lack of approved plans and specifications for services. »

RERA also issued a show cause notice to the proponents of the Centra One project in Sector 61 to comply with the deficiencies within 30 days as none were present on behalf of the proponent at the September 12 hearing. with regards to DD deposit of Rs 25 lakh as bank guarantee for license renewal submission and approved service plan estimates have not been met. Since the promoter has failed to correct the deficiencies and failed to comply with the instructions despite various opportunities (more than 25 opportunities), a public notice must be issued on behalf of the Authority stating that no sales in this project will only be carried out by the developer and the public will be warned not to engage in any type of buying and selling in connection with the project,” the statement added.

RERA registration for an ongoing project as well as for any new project is compulsory, in accordance with article 4 of the law of 2016 and any sale, purchase of land, apartments, apartments, etc. is illegal in any licensed areas project without the RERA (RC) registration certificate.


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