Report: Omnichannel Guidance for the Life Sciences Industry


In the latest issue of Delta Magazine, Fishawack Health’s medical, marketing and consulting experts share their practical tips for creating meaningful omnichannel experiences for stakeholders and unveil our proprietary tool for measuring omnichannel maturity.

In healthcare and beyond, the adoption of digital tools and new analytics has exploded. However, unlike many consumer industries, biopharma, medtech, and wellness companies struggle to create meaningful personalized customer experiences.

Today, biopharma and medtech executives are challenged with multiple channels, new technologies, and high volumes of data. They struggle to navigate a world in which the role of the sales representative is changing and the face-to-face interactions they relied on until now have lost their importance.

The increase in drug launches and growing competition in therapeutic areas has made it difficult for brands and organizations to stand out from the crowd. While the number of drugs approved by the FDA has increased dramatically in recent 5 yearsaverage sales peaks have decreased since 2010. In addition, in 2020pharmaceutical organizations spent 40% more on marketing than on research, but reported wasted marketing content of up to 30%, costing millions of dollars.

It’s clear that a new approach is needed to build more meaningful relationships that translate into ROI for brands and portfolios.

Customer needs and preferences change at lightning speed. The hierarchy of commitment has changed, upsetting the dynamic between patients and healthcare professionals.

Empowered patients need more information in digestible formats that present a clear, connected story to bring to their appointments with clinicians. As treatments become more complex and our understanding of diseases becomes more nuanced, patients will have complex questions and turn to multiple sources for answers. Additionally, the emergence of new disease surveillance technologies has allowed them to take a more active role in developing their disease management plan.

In turn, time-strapped healthcare professionals need more meaningful and relevant content at the right time, which helps them better partner with the patient to make the right decisions faster.

Meeting the needs of these stakeholders requires a more agile omnichannel approach that delivers personalized experiences and engagements and responds to specific customer issues, across all channels, at the times that matter throughout their treatment journey.

What is an omnichannel experience?

Omnichannel experiences are dynamic and seamlessly respond to the needs of stakeholders across various touchpoints. While multichannel campaigns are all about communicating similar messages across multiple channels, omnichannel experiences deliver the most relevant content at the right time in the stakeholder journey. It is important to note that the content is not channel specific: it is tailored to the needs, challenges and aspirations of the individual.

Through these meaningful experiences, brands can build a better relationship with the customer, becoming a valuable partner for busy but knowledge-hungry healthcare professionals, as well as the patients and caregivers they serve.

Launch omnichannel transformation

Building an omnichannel experience is easier said than done. This requires internal transformation and the adoption of new external strategies to meet changing customer demands. However, many biopharmaceutical companies are not set up to deliver a seamless customer experience. Omnichannel transformation requires deep data and insights, integrated technology, agile processes, and development team members with the right expertise.

While implementing an omnichannel approach can seem overwhelming, once the foundation is in place, a host of opportunities emerge for personalized experiences that exceed the expectations of the target stakeholder.

In this post, our medical affairs and marketing experts have collaborated to provide insights, tools, and practical tips to help you start the journey to omnichannel transformation.

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