Redemption of credit to anticipate the transition to retirement


After several years of activity, the transition to retirement can be difficult to live. This step marks an important turning point in your life. For many, retirement is an opportunity to travel, discover new horizons, and enjoy one’s loved ones.

To deprive oneself of certain pleasures of life is not the only solution. To live serenely your retirement is to have the possibility to realize new projects. The pooling of credit will allow you to rebalance your budget. This lightened and unique monthly payment including all of your credits will be in line with your retirement allowance. The purchase of credits also allows you to benefit from additional cash to realize your projects.

How to finance all new projects?

How to finance all new projects?

It is true that during the transition to retirement a real paradox appears: on the one hand you have more time for your leisure, family and projects, but on the other hand your income is decreasing. Unlike your income, your monthly expenses do not decrease (taxes, monthly payments, …). Your budget is unbalanced. Credit restructuring is the solution that allows you to lower your monthly credit charges to balance your finances against your income.

By consolidating all your credits into one, you only repay a single reduced monthly payment and in line with your new financial situation. The advantage of this solution is that it allows you to include cash and finance projects that are important to you.

How to anticipate the approach of retirement?

How to anticipate the approach of retirement?

It is important to take action a few years before retirement. During this period, incomes fall substantially, contrary to monthly expenses.

If you already have an idea of ​​projects that you want to achieve during your retirement (development of the house, purchase of a motor home, purchase of a second home for holidays, …). The senior credit purchase is the product adapted to the realization of these projects. This offer includes the financing of your desires and decreases your monthly expenses of credits.

Getting closer to a credit redemption organization, such as Creditorte, allows you to benefit from support throughout your process, from financial experts to guide you in your choice.


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