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In August 2020, General Charles Q. Brown, Jr., Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force, rolled out guidance titled “Accelerate Change or Lose.” Since then, the Air Force has released newly designed systems and practices in an effort to advance with the changing world.

As a by-product of these guidelines, in January 2022, the Department of the Air Force launched a new enlisted and officer evaluation system, myEvaluation (myEval).

“One of the biggest complaints was about the Virtual Personnel Center (vPC) and the disuse and obsolescence of our electronic platforms,” ​​said Capt. Justin Johnson, military personnel flight commander for the 325th Force Support Squadron. “MyEval is a newly created platform that has been deployed to essentially eliminate vPC”.

VPC is a centralized location that allows customers to perform a variety of administrative tasks, including annual reviews, which are essential for tracking member performance and establishing eligibility for promotion.

Johnson reported that myEval was more user-friendly while including some features for the benefit of users. One such benefit is choosing to receive reminder emails when comments and ratings need to be completed. There is also an effort to be more transparent with members able to see who has their rating and how long they have had it.

Throughout 2022, the DAF will continue to release features within myEval, including auto-filling of performance-related information to reduce the amount of supporting documentation evaluators need to attach.

“Innovating and moving into a new cloud-based system is going to allow us to be more efficient in the future so we can focus on the mission,” said Lt. Col. Rigoberto Perez, 325th Force Support Squadron commander. . “As we move forward into 2022, there must be more efficient platforms that make the demands of our jobs a little easier.”

Beginning Feb. 4, Airmen must use the new system for all performance feedback, and officer and enlisted reviews with a closing date of May 31, 2022 or later. Assessments closed before May 31 will remain on vPC.

MyEval can be located on the myFSS website or through the Air Force portal. MPF encourages members to create an account and familiarize themselves with myEval to mitigate issues once the change is complete. The Tyndall team can contact your unit commander’s support staff or contact Force Management Customer Service at [email protected] for any questions regarding the new system.


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