Over 230 educators graduated from Tools for Life training


Over 230 educators of all levels converged at Castle Kyalami for one of the largest Learner Support Workshop graduation ceremonies on July 25.

Earlier in July, a highly successful Learner Support Professional Development Seminar was held at Castle Kyalami. Teachers trained very hard during school vacations to learn how to overcome barriers to learning and improve the quality of education for all learners using the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Tools for Life program.

They also learned other practical tools such as dealing with study difficulties, conflict resolution, communication, how to achieve goals, drug awareness, etc.

In attendance were several executives from various districts of the Ministry of Education, teachers and school principals who all expressed in a uniform manner how Tools For Life is revolutionary and how this program is the exact solution for the education sector. education in South Africa.

Deeply concerned about the state of education in the country, they have dedicated the school holidays from June to July to equipping themselves with learner support tools to better assist learners facing barriers to learning.

Sandile Hlayisi, director of public affairs for Scientology Volunteer Ministers, welcomed the graduates and said they have the power to create a better future for all – and it starts with this generation.

Officer Sylvia Masombuka, a community educator for the Johannesburg Metro Police Service and principal of a nursery school, attended the graduation and said the lessons had changed her life.

Educators celebrate their achievements at Kyalami Castle. Photo: Supplied

“They gave me a full understanding of others and how to deal with them. Even at my early childhood development center, I used to help parents with their children based on what I “I was hoping to be okay. But now I’m trained to handle any situation. I just applied one or more of these tools. I learned so much and these classes really put me in a good space,” Masombuka said.

Hlayisi explained that by providing practical tools to educators, he believes they will create confident learners: “We can improve education and other conditions by working together.”

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