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Explanations about new wildlife and fishing licensing regulations arrive weekly as officials at that agency face growing questions from outdoor enthusiasts.

Now the department is tackling issues of access to the handful of shooting ranges and educational facilities in its wildlife management areas, refuges and conservation areas.

To access and be in good standing, all visitors to these areas must have one of these licenses or permits: the WMA Access Permit; a Sportsman’s Paradise license; a hunting and/or fishing license for life; or a senior license.

The exemption is for everyone 17 and under.

And, starting July 1, anyone visiting an LDWF shooting range and/or educational facility will be required to complete and maintain a self-cleaning permit.

Agency officials said there are three ways to check in and out of these locations, and advise using the agency’s web portal and “Self-Clearing” app, which can be loaded into a cell phone from this website:

From its web portal (computer or mobile phone), use:

As always, there are Self-Cleaning Permit Stations at WMAs, Refuges, and Conservation Areas.

Top 10

The Catholic High of Baton Rouge team Max Himmel and Tyler Morris finished ninth in a 200-team field with a five-bar catch weighing 17 pounds, 10 ounces in the Bassmaster High School series earlier this month in Saginaw Bay, Michigan.

The winners, a Michigan team of Brady Pinwar and Alec Albrecht, won with a 21-9 hold.


Our state’s private offshore recreational fishers landed an estimated 145,321 pounds through June 5. That’s 18% of Louisiana’s 809,315-pound annual allotment.

This season began May 27 and is limited to one catch Friday through Sunday with a daily limit of three per angler with a red snapper measuring 16 inches or more in length. Anglers must have basic and saltwater licenses and a free Offshore Recreational Landing Permit to catch and land all reef fish and several other offshore species.

If you’re thinking of fishing for red snapper in Florida, know that the season opened on Friday. In addition to all appropriate licenses, Florida requires a “State Reef Fish Angler” license for all anglers. You can earn this certification at:

Florida’s private recreational red snapper season will run through July 31 with a plan to open a 12-day season in the fall.

Go fishing!

Despite the excessive heat and no explanation for this slight increase in action, it appears that Sac-a-Lait provides the hottest action around our state.

Tube and solid-body jigs – color varies with water color and forage species – and minnows incite strikes.

There are two patterns: early morning action in shallow places like lakes, bayous, and rivers in southern Louisiana, and at depths in reservoirs, where deep drops and rigs operate. spiders.

fish kills

The LDWF’s Inland Fisheries Section reports what it calls “a wave of fish kills in central and southern areas of the state.”

Summer fish kills usually result from a combination of excessive air temperatures and storms that trigger hypoxia – a depletion of dissolved oxygen in the water. This can be caused by a variety of conditions, such as excessive runoff from rains and excessive winds from thunderstorms. These things stir up the water column and mix up the anoxic bottom layers to lower dissolved oxygen levels.

While most hypoxia conditions affect smaller species, they can kill predatory species like panfish, bass, and catfish.

State fisheries biologists advise pond owners to aerate their ponds to avoid hypoxia.

If you find a killed fish, fisheries managers want to know about it. You can report them on the LDWF website:, under the “fish kill” drop-down menu.

This week

The LDWF licensing section will be closed June 20-24 for walk-in service at state headquarters on Quail Drive in Baton Rouge.

This is because the section has to deal with “…a backlog of mailed and emailed requests”.

Of course, licenses can still be purchased online during this time:

Commercial fishers, including charter boat operators, will be allowed to complete applications during this time and retain the application to serve as a license until June 27 until they can have the application filed.

For boat trailers

Beginning June 27 and several Mondays thereafter, workers from the Departments of Motor Vehicles and State Revenue will be at state headquarters to handle the registration of vessels and boat trailers and to pay the taxes that may be due.

And remember

One thing you can do when renewing your license is donate to the statewide Hunters for the Hungry program. Contributions help defray the costs of bringing venison and fish to those in need throughout the state.

Just last week, an H4H group collected 800 pounds of fish fillets in Venice and shipped the fish to the New Orleans mission through the Second Harvest Food Bank.

For more information, email Julie Grunewald, Director of H4H: [email protected]


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