MongoDB rolls out free certification for system integrators


The MongoDB Partner team launched the MongoDB SI Architect certification to help organizations build new business functionality, improve scalability, and reduce costs.

The self-paced certification is aimed at system integrator partners and details the benefits of modernizing with various customers on a journey to the cloud. The certificate allows architects to have discussions on vertical stories, migration tools, best practices, and architecture guidelines. System integrators will be exposed to the core value of offers, messaging, objection handling, and more.

Certification also allows IS partners to communicate with customers in plain language.

The free SI Architect certification takes approximately 20 hours and is divided into six key sections, complete with a final certification exam.

Program structure

  1. The introduction provides partners with access to modernization webinars and modernization program offerings.
  2. Key use cases focus on how MongoDB is used in enterprise-wide strategic initiatives, such as legacy modernization, cloud data strategy, microservices, and vertical stories.
  3. Customer case studies highlight how MongoDB is deployed and operated through real customer case studies and proof points.
  4. University courses allow participants to take advantage of MongoDB’s online university as well as on-demand courses relevant to architects.
  5. Competitive Advantage helps architects understand the true value of MongoDB against the competition.
  6. The final certification concludes with a “Talk to the Experts” session and a final certification exam where participants examine a real industry use case or customer project and evaluate how to migrate to the cloud.

SI partners can also refer to MongoDB University for access to self-paced developer training and database training.


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