Mechanicville closes door to cannabis cafes on same day, state announces opt-out portal



MECHANICVILLE – The city is the latest community in Saratoga County to ban businesses that would allow the use of marijuana on site.

The city council voted 4-0 on Wednesday to refuse establishments that would allow cannabis consumption on site.

He did so after holding a public hearing in which a speaker, a member of the media, asked a question to clarify that the vote would not include buy and exit companies.

Mayor Dennis Baker said if the city had not chosen to license marijuana bars by Dec. 31, it would automatically be subject to the licensing of such businesses.

The Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act that was enacted in March gives towns, cities and towns until the end of the year to pass a local law that calls on the state Cannabis Control Board to withdraw its jurisdiction to host retail and / or on-site cannabis consumption licensees.

Mechanicville auditor Mark Seber presented the measure.

In an interview, Seber said he didn’t believe Mechanicville was “quite ready” for marijuana bars.

“I think we have to see where everything is going. Unlike retail establishments where someone buys the product and is going to use it in a private or confined setting, just having establishments where people can walk in and smoke, I don’t think that’s good for this community – right now anyway. “

The town of Ballston voted not to allow cannabis bars in September, and the town of Milton had scheduled a public hearing for Wednesday evening.

In Saratoga Springs, a draft Unified Development Ordinance includes a primary use definition for a marijuana dispensary and indicates that such use would be permitted in the Mid-Neighborhood Zoning District as well as in commercial districts of entry, subject to a special use permit, according to the city attorney. Vincent J. De Leonardis.

Broadway sits primarily in the Urban Core Zoning District and, as such, a marijuana dispensary would not be permitted there under the ordinance, DeLeonardis said.

“As new guidance emerges from the new leadership of the New York State Cannabis Control Board and Bureau, we will likely have to review our regulations and make any necessary adjustments,” said the head of Cannabis. Saratoga Springs.

Mechanicville officials took action on the same day the New York State Office of Cannabis Management announced the availability of a web portal through which localities seeking to opt out of dispensary accommodation from Cannabis retailers and / or on-site cannabis consumption licensees in their jurisdictions may submit requests to the state Cannabis Control Board.

“This web portal will allow localities to file their local law exemption requests and ensure that the Cannabis Control Board has this key information as we review license applications and the location of cannabis companies,” Cannabis Control Board chairman Tremaine Wright said in a statement. .

“I thank the Cannabis Management Office for working with our local government partners to create this tool; and I encourage those communities that are applying to opt out of hosting dispensaries and on-site consumer licensees to file their requests promptly so that we can build an accessible, safe and fair industry in New York City.

“The Office of Cannabis Management wants to ensure that all New Yorkers have their voices heard as we build a new safe cannabis industry and we are proud to work with our local government partners to provide a web portal for them. facilitate the task. to inform the Cannabis Control Board of their decisions to participate in the market, ”said CMO Executive Director Chris Alexander.

Localities that withdraw before December 31 can re-register.

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