Man jailed for 60 months over Apple Store gift card program


A man who stole point-of-sale devices from Apple and used them to fraudulently load gift cards has been sentenced to 60 months in federal prison and ordered to pay back $1.26 million.

The DoJ announced on Monday that a second man in the $1.5 million program will serve his sentence and has been ordered to make restitution. His partner in crime previously pleaded guilty to wire fraud and was sentenced to 37 months in federal prison.

Upon exit:

According to plea documents, Mr Almighty admitted to stealing several Apple point-of-sale devices – nicknamed “Isaacs” – from an Apple store in Southlake, Texas, then sat outside the store, connected to the store’s wifi network, and loaded thousands of dollars in fraudulent store credit onto gift cards.

He then uploaded the gift cards to Apple Passbook, an app that generates QR codes for the value of gift cards, and sent screenshots of those codes to Mr. Ali.

Mr. Ali and “an unindicted co-conspirator” used the gift cards to purchase thousands of dollars worth of Apple products from Apple stores in New York City for approximately $1.5 million.

US Attorney Chad Meacham said: “The Department of Justice will not tolerate any fraud against any company, whether it is a multinational or a family business. We are grateful to our FBI partners for their working on this case.”


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