Looks like another overhaul of the Tesla Referral Program is underway. Store credit and software unlock … maybe even FSD


Tesla’s referral program has gone through a number of iterations over the years and it looks like we’re on the verge of getting another one.

Reddit / mishengda user dug into the source code for the new Tesla v4.0.0 app, with the Android version shipping overnight. After dismantling the .APK, they found some very interesting text strings that strongly suggest changes to the Tesla Referral Program.

At present, the program is the most limited it has been in years, no more free vehicles, or Powerwalls and tickets to attend Tesla events, replaced by free boost credits, usually 1,500 km or 1,000 miles for referrer and referee, each time a new car is purchased using a referral link.

The new program appears to be much more useful, allowing not only boost credits, but also the ability to spend credits on goods and accessories.

Perhaps the most interesting line of this text is this one

"referral_upgrade_item_text": "Your car will upgrade while it is in park and on Wi-Fi.",

This suggests that referral credit could be used towards a software upgrade. While some models offer heated seats, premium connectivity, or performance upgrades, the most important one everyone obviously wants is the FSD pack. If this is indeed included in the list of things people could unlock by referring friends to buy Tesla, then it would certainly boost Tesla’s behavior or promotion on a large scale, with the goal of saving up to 10,000. $.

Those who have followed Tesla’s coverage on techAU over the years will know that Tesla-related posts include my referral link. I am extremely grateful to the over 115 people who used this referral link, most of whom have now had their cars delivered. Although I missed out on a free roadster, I can’t speak enough about the ability to drive and charge for free (thanks to boost credits).

There is a limit to the amount of driving you can do practically within the expiration time of these credits. My 153,698 km currently expire on May 23, 2023 and even without Covid restrictions it would be incredibly difficult to use (I drove less than that in 15 years with my last car).

So, while most people only get a few referrals, those with plenty of free boost miles or miles would certainly be motivated again to promote the referrals and in turn, Tesla and EVs in general, would. they could get hardware and software. rewards.

I bought FSD before, so when this change goes into effect, it won’t be something I could benefit from, at least not on this car (looking at you Model Y).

In 2019, I suggested Elon take advantage of referral credits to unlock FSD. At the time, he said “I will consider” and this is the last time we have heard of it so far.


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