Living in the Wild West, reasons to switch to electric vehicles


Without gun regulations, living in the Wild West

It happened again and will continue to happen.

I overheard someone from another country asking someone in a bar what kind of gun he should buy when he moved to the United States That’s what other people think of us, that we We’re a country where everyone walks around with a gun, just like they did in the Wild West, and disputes are settled by gunshots.

Unfortunately, that’s practically the truth.

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At the very least, there should be background checks for everyone, a ban on the sale and possession of assault rifles, and a minimum age of 21 to buy a gun, just like buying a gun. alcohol in Florida.

These rules should apply to gun shows as well as Internet and retail purchases.

Finally, the “sacrosanct” Second Amendment was passed when muskets and flintlock pistols were the only weapons available. Our founding fathers could never have imagined the kinds of guns people are allowed to buy now because of this amendment. If they could, they would never have passed it.

Let’s stop electing politicians who take money from the gun lobby and use the second amendment to justify it.

Elliot Koffman, Sarasota

GOP: Celebration of life or simple birth?

It’s time for Republicans to put their money where their mouth is and show us that they are indeed the party that protects life.

We know you care about the unborn child by all the laws you enact. You don’t want our children to feel “uncomfortable” learning the story, so you’ve cut that out of the curriculum.

Now that there has been another elementary school mass shooting, the second worst in US history, perpetrated by a young man with a gun warIt’s time to prove you care about children’s lives by enacting sensible gun reform.

Why do people need AR-15, semi-automatic rifles? They are not intended for hunting as there is nothing left of the animal after being shot.

Let’s see if you really are the party that values ​​life or just the party of birth. A good life for our children continues after birth with good health care, plentiful food, early education, safe schools and support for families most in need, all things you have cut from your budget.

So are you celebrating life or just birth?

Melissa Martinez, Bradenton

Reasons to switch to an electric vehicle

I’m responding to the May 26 letter, “Unanswered Questions About Electric Cars.”

We rent a Lexus hybrid and are currently enjoying 47 miles per gallon. This is our third hybrid and when this lease expires we plan to switch to an electric vehicle.

Here are several reasons why we believe the facts and data support this change.

1. The Infrastructure Investment and Employment Act was enacted last November. It will augment the existing 110,000 US public charging stations with $5 billion in additional chargers over the next five years. This bill also adds $65 billion to network infrastructure.

2. Electric vehicle batteries last 300,000 to 500,000 miles, according to Tesla, so it’s rare that someone has to replace them.

3. The cost of an “eGallon” is just under $1 in most places. A Tesla owner who charges at home pays around $50/month. In other words, an electric vehicle owner pays less than 5 cents per mile to power their car, compared to three to five times more for a traditional gas-powered car.

4. New vehicles worldwide are now 9% EVs, and the US 3%.

So the ‘early adopter’ concerns about electric vehicles are behind us, the infrastructure funding is in place and it’s good for the planet.

Michael Ann Wells, Sarasota

Health insurance for all much better than private

As a Medicare beneficiary, I read with great interest the May 2 Herald-Tribune article titled “Private Health Insurance Plans Often Refuse Care.”

For many reasons, my wife and I chose traditional, public health insurance. We choose our own physicians, are not limited to in-network providers, and do not require pre-approval for treatments recommended by our physicians or healthcare professionals.

Private Medicare Advantage plans are generally company-run and accountable to investors, not patients.

Minnesota-based UnitedHealth Group is the largest private Medicare insurer in the United States. On May 10, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported that the CEO of UnitedHealth received total compensation of $142.2 million in 2021.

Private insurance executives are often paid tens of millions of dollars a year. While denying care, delaying payments, falsifying patient data, and making political contributions, these “healthcare” plans waste hundreds of millions of dollars that make no value-added contribution to outcomes. medical and health.

An improved and expanded Medicare for All system, as introduced in Congress, would be a more equitable, affordable, and patient-centered approach than privatized plans.

Glen Peterson, Venice


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