Little Giant Farmer’s Market Announces the Launch of EBT SNAP for Same Day Delivery Via Instacart



EBT SNAP attendees will now be able to redeem their benefits online at the Little Giant Farmer’s Market in the greater Atlanta area

ATLANTA, 23 November 2021 / PRNewswire / – Little Giant Farmer’s Market, a progressive independent supermarket serving the great Atlanta zone, today announced the launch of EBT SNAP payment for same-day delivery via Instacart. With this program, EBT SNAP participants will now be able to use their benefits to access fresh food and basic items online at Little Giant’s five locations across the subway. Atlanta.

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This launch follows the most recent USDA Food and Nutrition Service approval for Little Giant and Instacart to launch their SNAP online partnership. With transportation often serving as a barrier to grocery shopping, Little Giant delivery via Instacart hopes to make it easier for customers to access food.

Little Giant launched its online ordering service with Instacart earlier this year, making fresh and affordable food more readily available to local customers. Adding the EBT SNAP benefits to their partnership with Instacart will only strengthen these efforts to provide the greatest Atlanta Region. After being acquired by Jackson Mitchell Holdings, Inc. in 2019, the five Little Giant locations have undergone significant redesigns and updates to better suit the communities they serve. This partnership complements Little Giant’s initiative for an affordable and convenient shopping experience, whether online or in-store.

“Making fresh food and essentials accessible to more people in our community is our sole mission, so this partnership aligns directly with the values ​​of the Little Giant company. We are thrilled with the opportunity to offer this service to our EBT SNAP customers and appreciate the imperative work Instacart and DHS have done to make this happen, ”says Jackson mitchell, CEO of Little Giant Farmers Market.

“Providing people with access to the food they love is at the heart of Instacart’s mission. We are proud to partner with Little Giant Farmer’s Market to provide more households with a convenient and accessible way to get their fresh food and basic items, ”said David healy, Retail partnerships at Instacart. “Expanding EBT SNAP to achieve same-day online grocery delivery is important in helping people access the food they need, and we look forward to bringing this payment integration into the larger Atlanta in partnership with Little Giant. “

To help subsidize the costs of EBT SNAP participants, Instacart will waive delivery or pick-up charges via December 31, 2021, up to the first three EBT SNAP orders for each customer with a valid EBT card associated with their Instacart account. For more information on EBT SNAP on Instacart, visit:

Where applicable, EBT SNAP attendees will now be able to purchase from Little Giant through the Instacart website and mobile app. Once an Instacart customer profile is created, customers can enter their EBT food card information as a payment method in their profile. Customers will need a secondary form of payment for non-food items such as taxes, tips, and fees in accordance with federal SNAP guidelines. Customers can then enter their zip code to determine if they are near a participating retailer and start purchasing and selecting items from retailers’ EBT-eligible products. Once the items have been added to their cart, customers will be able to select how much of their benefits they want to allocate to the order. Delivery and pick-up orders can be placed by customers for reception as quickly as an hour or scheduled several days in advance.

About the Little Giant Farmers Market

Little Giant Farmer’s Market is a family business serving the largest Atlanta community since 1984. What started as a small farmer’s market dedicated to fresh farm produce Riverdale, Georgia, has grown into a thriving chain of five community supermarkets with stores in Riverdale, Jonesboro, Decatur, Newnan, and Sargent. Little Giant Farmer’s Market emphasizes customer satisfaction and quality products at the lowest possible prices.

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