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Library Notes: Movies On Demand: At Your Order

Published at 00:00 on Saturday, September 24, 2022

By David Lamanno
Rowan Public Library

Public libraries, as institutions, have three main missions: to inform, educate and entertain. In our current age of technological marvels, one of the ways Rowan Public Library seeks to fulfill these missions is to provide round-the-clock access to online digital resources. Available with a Rowan Public Library card and PIN, there are a variety of digital tools at your service. Examples of these tools include the NC Digital Library, historical and genealogical databases, online training courses, and NC LIVE. NC LIVE is an online collection of 1.4 billion full-text articles, e-books, streaming videos, digitized newspapers, language learning tools and more. I’d like to take a little look under the hood of NC LIVE and examine one of my favorite databases, Movies On Demand.

Movies on Demand is a web-based digital video delivery service that allows users to view streaming videos. There are over 20,000 educational titles in many different fields aimed at diverse audiences. You can use Movies on Demand by searching for a keyword (like “social media,” “climate crisis,” or “geometry”) or a specific title. You can also navigate by clicking on a collection of topics and scrolling through all the videos in a category. Once you find a video you want to watch, click on the title, press play and the video will start streaming. The easy-to-use search function is especially convenient for students. The videos are organized into collections that can be used with almost any assignment, presentation, or research project. An outstanding feature, carefully designed, allows a user to browse videos cross-referenced with NC Education standards. It’s definitely helpful for a student, but it can also be a real lifesaver for the parent who needs a reminder (raise your hand) when trying to help with a homework topic (oh no, mathematics) of the past.

If you like documentaries, Movies on Demand has you covered; there is even a documentary about documentaries! Through a partnership with the Public Broadcasting System (PBS), a number of Ken Burns productions are available, including “Baseball,” “Vietnam War,” and “Country music.” Some other fascinating PBS programs are “Finding your roots presented by Henry Louis Gates Jr., the long-running British television anthology series”Masterpiece“, and the science popularization television program “NOVA.” Access to other production companies working in education, such as National Geographic and HBO, provides hundreds of additional documentaries covering topics ranging from the well-known (The Beatles) to the obscure (sleepwalking) . If you’re an armchair tourist, check out Rick Steves’ travel videos. Steves has been informing vacationers about the joys of various places around the world for over 40 years. He hasn’t deceived anyone yet. Finally, I’d like to highlight the subject category available from Movies On Demand that I find most fascinating, Archive Films and News. Covering dates from 1898 to 2001, the films give the viewer a front-row seat to history as it was.

Whether you’re looking to educate yourself on a topic, get some instruction on a topic, or watch a gripping documentary, then Movies On Demand has you covered.

For more information on Movies on Demand and other online resources, go to or If you have questions about these resources, call the Rowan Public Library Information Desk at 704-216-8228.

David Lamanno, librarian at the Rowan Public Library.


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