Launch of the application for health personnel card in Izmir

Launch of the application for health personnel card in Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has launched the Health Personnel Card app on public transport for health workers who are putting their lives on the line to protect public health during the pandemic. Health personnel will be able to obtain their cards with HES codes from card application centers until February 28.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality expanded the practice of free use of public transport by health workers from the risk group during the global epidemic that shook the world. During the December parliamentary session, it was decided to issue a special health personnel card for health workers within the Izmirim Card Corps. The HEPP code will also be defined on the health personnel card.

Distribution started

İzmirim Health Personnel Card will be valid for health personnel in Ministry of Health registration system. Healthcare workers over 65, people with disabilities, relatives of martyrs and Gazi İzmirim card holders do not need to obtain a separate card. Healthcare workers with an Izmirim 60 card, student or teacher, who benefit from reduced public transport, must have their card closed and obtain a card.

The application deadline is February 28

Cards can be obtained from Konak Etçilerüstü and Konak Katlı, Bornova, Üçyol parking lots, Fahrettin Altay transfer centers and Bostanlı İskele card application centers for 10 TL, together with a current photo and a photocopy of the document. ‘identity. In addition, the possibility of applying via will be offered. Card distribution will continue until February 28, 2022.


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