Latino mental health experts integrate spirituality


In recent years, we have seen a major movement of black and brunette women reconnect and proudly reclaim an ancestral spirituality rooted in African, indigenous and Latin origins while fighting against the stigma that surrounds these belief systems. We have seen how these sacred practices have been used for self-care and even as a form of generational resistance, as communities of color today struggle to address institutional barriers and systems that were intentionally created. to keep us oppressed.

Throughout the pandemic in particular, we have seen black and brown spiritualists and healers openly sharing their rituals, which was rare to see even 10 years ago, as it still wasn’t safe to do so. Fortunately, times have changed. Not only are we seeing a shift in the way women of color see and approach self-care and wellness, but we are also seeing black and brown mental health practitioners understand the need to integrate these rituals and modalities into. their client sessions. While classical psychology has rejected spiritual incorporation while often failing to take into account the cultural needs of Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities, this generation of Latinx mental health experts have realized how crucial spirituality plays a role. for general well-being. Their holistic approach to mind, body, and spirit not only challenges the idea that psychology is one-dimensional, but it proves how the intersection of spirituality and sanity can contribute to healing and to radical and revolutionary recovery, especially for marginalized communities of color.

Here are five remarkable Latino mental health experts and spiritual healers worth checking out!


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