King Steel Pledges To Become Industry Leader Under “MICS” Logo


King Steel Machinery Co (鉅 鋼 機械), one of the leading shoe machine manufacturers in Taiwan, has long developed a system with multiple injectors and multiple molding workstations, which puts the company far ahead of its peers. in electromechanical integration.

The company took their turnkey solution and created the “MICS” brand – multiple injector and mold clamping system – which was enthusiastically promoted and widely acclaimed.

King Steel recently received a large order from a well-known international manufacturer for the system, which can be used to manufacture many different products, such as vehicles, necessities, bicycles, electronics and semi. -conductors.

Jim Chen (陳 璟 浩), special assistant to the president of King Steel, said the company has the Siemens NX-MCD digital twin software, which can be used to simulate machines in discussions with customers before their applications are valued. added high-end only to be developed.

With the help of Lee and Li, Taiwan’s largest patent law firm, King Steel can hold a step-by-step discussion with clients about injection materials, manufacturing processes, special functions and original patent provisions.

Once the customer has confirmed their order, the company uses the software to generate virtual production equipment, run it online, and ensure that the location of the machine in the factory setup does not interfere. not with the workflow.

After confirming that the machine design will work, King Steel manufactures the production equipment specified by the customer.

Customers will find that a Keng Steel system reduces manufacturing costs, reduces unnecessary waste and increases the speed of machine development.

After the launch of their production equipment, customers become popular in their industry.

Chen said that the “MI” in the “MICS” logo resembles the shape of four sets of injectors viewed from above, while the shape of the “ICS” is a metaphor that indicates that the MICS is integration exclusive core of the technical capabilities of King Steel.

Its full English name is “multiple injectors and mold clamps system” and the pronunciation of MICS is the same as “Mix”, which means King Steel can provide custom R&D services for multiple injection systems and multiple workstations. molding. In other words, the company can quickly mix different injection systems and molding workstation systems on a single device according to the customer’s material processing and production planning requirements, allowing customers to ‘achieve the ideal goal of “achieving maximum efficiency and performance with minimum resources.” “

In practical applications, the MICS can be fitted with four sets of injectors depending on the number of modular stations – from 4 to 20 stations – depending on custom requirements. It can be flexibly used to produce two-color / one-color finished product with linear, disc or mold configuration, specially designed for small, diverse and multi-color orders, and the equipment utilization rate can reach 100% .

Its modular architecture can maximize the benefits of manufacturing management and meet R&D and testing, mass production and product management needs that the traditional process cannot meet. Ultimately, it aims to optimize and improve production efficiency, reduce costs, lead industry development and stimulate new industry trends.

The MICS is equipped with left and right bidirectional flexible injectors, dual injectors for loading single material or dual injectors for loading double materials, which can be injected independently and as a mixture. In conjunction with the application parameters such as sampling, test production or mass production of each station, it can perform different production modes while allowing a single station to be shut down for maintenance at the same time. time.

The structure of the machine breaks with the traditional mode of production whereby a single injector is aligned with a single workstation. It adopts multiple injectors and multiple workstations, with different combinations for flexible production. For example, a single workstation with two injectors can produce two different products in two different molds to achieve the goal of doubling the production capacity. (Advertising)

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