International Day of Women in Engineering: Nikita Sardesai


“I was working on the manufacturing production assistance side. The types of challenges would be, “We get this kind of fault in these parts – what could happen?” How can we change our process to eliminate this defect? Or how can we improve our process to reduce waste or speed up the process? “

Simulation space

It was another internship that led Sardesai to the current position at Adelaide-based engineering and design company Shoal Group.

“In my last six months [of university] I did an internship with Shoal, and when I graduated they asked me to join, ”she said.

That was in 2016, and since then she has gone from a degree to a systems engineer working on modeling and simulations for defense contracts. This involves working with Shoal customers to simulate the performance of various aerospace vehicles in different environments – the perfect job for a space-obsessed child.

“In some cases, we could simulate rocket launches to understand [what happens] after launch. For example, where will the debris from the launch fall and how do we make sure that it is completely safe to do this launch? She said.

“One of the interesting challenges is to accurately represent how something like this will fall to the ground and make sure that it really represents what will happen in the real world.”

The company has grown by around 200% in recent years and now has around 90 employees, which has provided more opportunities to hire interns and graduate engineers. It was exciting for Sardesai, who took on the role of Shoal’s graduate coach.

“I really enjoy working with the graduates because they are very passionate, eager to learn and bring excitement and a different way of thinking to the workplace. But they learn the business context and how the industry works, ”Sardesai said.

“It is important to close this gap because you are unlocking truly amazing innovation. They’ve just entered the workforce, they’ve spent five years learning four subjects per semester, which is a crazy learning pace, so let’s channel that energy and that passion.


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