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Capital One’s ultra-premium card, the Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card, offers a new path to earning travel rewards. You’ll earn miles on every purchase that never expires as long as your account is open and in good standing.

Brilliantly, there are only a few things you’ll need to remember to maximize your rewards and get closer to your dream redemptions. These tips for earning and redeeming Capital One miles will have you maximizing your miles in no time.

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Earn capital miles

Meet the conditions to earn the welcome bonus

When you’re starting from scratch, a credit card welcome bonus is the most effective way to increase your balance. With the Venture X card, this is especially true: new cardholders will earn a whopping 100,000 mile bonus after spending $ 10,000 on purchases in the first six months after opening the account. Plus, for a limited time, receive up to $ 200 in vacation rental statement credits charged to your account in your first year.

While spending that amount of money doesn’t necessarily come naturally, it’s worth the effort (if you’re missing even a dime, you’ll miss out on bonus miles altogether). Plan your demand for when you expect to meet spending requirements and, if necessary, make other strategic purchases to meet the threshold.

Use your card for your daily purchases

The Venture X earns 2 miles per dollar on all qualifying purchases and 5 miles per dollar on flights and 10 miles per dollar on hotels and rental cars when booking through Capital One Travel. For general merchandise and everyday purchases that don’t normally earn extra miles, this can help you meet your earning goals twice as fast.

Because you will earn at a competitive rate on all purchases, this is an ideal card to keep in your wallet at all times. It’s a particularly logical choice for that reluctant spouse who doesn’t want to remember which card to use on which purchase as authorized user cards can be added at no additional cost. Earning 10 miles here or 100 miles there adds up faster than you might think, especially compared to other travel cards that only earn half the rate.

Book your trips with Capital One Travel

Every time you book qualifying trips through Capital One Travel, you’ll earn miles at a premium rate. Venture X cardholders earn additional miles when booking flights, hotels and rental cars through the platform.

Since the card comes with a credit that reimburses up to $ 300 per year for reservations made on Capital One Travel, everyone should familiarize themselves with the program. The website works essentially the same as any of your favorite online travel agencies, making it a simple and intuitive way to maximize Capital One miles while enjoying other benefits for customers.

Add an authorized user to your account

The Venture X allows you to add authorized users to your account at no additional cost, a perk you can already take advantage of to share airport lounge access and other card benefits. With two or more people charging expenses to the same account, you’ll end up with both sets of rewards in one place for added convenience. You can also earn miles with someone else, even if you have fully separate accounts.

Don’t have someone you trust enough to add as an authorized user? You can refer friends to get their own account instead. For each eligible sponsorship, you will earn an additional 25,000 miles (up to four times per year).

Combine your points with a second Capital One card

While Risk X works well as a stand-alone card, adding a second Capital One card to your wallet can help maximize your miles in one program. For example, Capital One® Spark® Miles for companies* Also earns 2 miles per dollar on every purchase, but allows you to separate your personal and business expenses.

When you’re ready, you can combine your Capital One miles between two or more mileage accrual cards to make your preferred redemptions.

Redeem Capital One Miles

Reserve your miles to travel

While you can redeem your miles for cash back, gift cards, or purchases on, you’ll get a bigger return by redeeming your miles for travel.

For years, Capital One has advertised easy trades – and they’re backing that up with travel rewards that don’t have blackout dates, restrictions, or other limitations. When you make your reservations through Capital One Travel, you have the option of redeeming points to pay for your purchase at the rate of 1 cent per mile.

Travelers who book directly with a travel provider rather than through the Capital One platform can still redeem miles to cover their purchase. Once the transaction is posted, you can redeem your miles to effectively cover the transaction. Purchases that categorize travel (including vacation rentals, cruises and more) qualify.

Transfer Miles to Travel Partners

The ability to transfer miles to Capital One’s travel partners sets Venture X’s share of 2% cash rewards. By transferring miles to a partner frequent flyer account, you can top up the miles you have earned by other methods and travel accounting under their program rules and costs. In some cases, especially if you prefer luxury travel, this can translate into a better return on your miles.

Currently, Capital One has more than fifteen transfer partners, including airlines from around the world as well as a few hotel programs. Most partners offer a 1: 1 transfer ratio and the vast majority receive transfers instantly, meaning you can accumulate miles with Capital One and only move them when you need them for added flexibility.

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Final result

Maximizing Venture X rewards requires approaching things on both the earning and trading side, but most are easier than you might think. Minimal effort is required to get the most out of your Capital One miles with this simple and refreshing card.



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