How to reserve the new Samsung Galaxy devices


It just wouldn’t be August without another round of new Samsung devices. The company’s annual Unpacked event returns on August 10, when we should see the reveal of exciting new smartphones, headphones and watches. And if you’re particularly eager to see what Samsung has in store next month, you can make a no-obligation reservation now – and get some Samsung Credit while you’re at it.

From now until August 10, you can take advantage of the following offers. Note that this is not a pre-order, you will simply provide your name and email address and then receive the first dibs to purchase the new products once they become available next month. However, you will need to place a pre-order to redeem your credit. You can book on the Samsung website as well as through the Shop Samsung app.

  • $200 credit to the Galaxy phone, watch and earphones set
  • $150 credit to Galaxy Phone and Watch Combo
  • $130 credit to the Galaxy phone and headphones set
  • $80 credit to the Galaxy Watch and Headphones Bundle
  • $100 credit to be used on for eligible products when you reserve a Galaxy phone
  • $50 credit to be used on for eligible products when you reserve a Galaxy Watch
  • $30 credit redeem on for qualifying products when you reserve Galaxy Earbuds

So what could these new products be? Samsung just launched the excellent Galaxy S22 series earlier this year – and officially discontinued the Galaxy Note line in the process – so our best guess is a new foldable phone. In fact, the Galaxy Unpacked event invites everything but confirms it.

The company launched the Galaxy Z Fold 3 (a phone that can fold into a tablet) and the Galaxy Z Flip 3 (a compact clamshell phone), both of which made foldable phones a more sensible investment thanks to their designs smart and at relatively affordable prices. . These phones have plenty of room for improvement – the software experience could be better on both, and the Z Fold 3 in particular is still expensive – so we’d be keen to see an even more polished Z Flip 4, Z Fold 4 or something entirely new.

Samsung already has an overwhelming amount of Galaxy Buds in its audio lineup, but some of its older models need a refresh. The infamous bean-shaped Galaxy Buds Live are now almost two years old, and it’s possible Samsung is readying a new, possibly wilder set of buds to complement the more affordable end of things. The Galaxy Buds Pro (one of our top wireless earphone picks) are also getting a bit long in the tooth, and we could see Samsung unveil a new top-end model to take on recent rivals like the Sony LinkBuds S and Beats Fit Pro.

The Galaxy Watch 4 won our best Android smartwatch spot last year, offering a much improved Wear OS experience and excellent fitness tracking capabilities. We found some aspects of the Watch 4’s software to be a bit lacking, so hopefully some issues will be fixed by the time a Galaxy Watch 5 arrives.

We’ll know what’s to come for sure when Galaxy Unpacked debuts August 10 at 9 a.m. ET on Samsung’s website. As always, we’ll be covering all the big product announcements from the show as they happen and putting all of Samsung’s new products through their paces as soon as we get our hands on them.


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