How to Choose Custom Printed Barricade Covers

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Barricades and covers are often used as practical tools to prevent accidents and injuries. Anytime you see a sign that says “Do Not Enter” or “Construction Zone – Keep Clear” chances are it was put up with barricade covers to make sure the message past.

Companies, agencies and event companies must choose the right type of steel barricade covers that will meet their needs.

If you are looking for customization, it is a must to read this article and learn more about what you need.

What is a barricade cover?

According to reportsthe guardrail systems segment led the market in 2019 owing to the use of highways to eliminate the impact of high-speed vehicles.

Barricade covers are used at construction sites or events where boundary marking is essential. They are usually seen along roads and pedestrian areas where pedestrians need to be reminded not to enter a particular room.

Barricade covers were first developed by DuPont Nylon, an American chemical company, in 1959. It was first used as a material for Camaro’s car seat cover and later found its purpose in as a security tool.

Barricade covers are made from durable heavy-wall vinyl specifically designed to last a long time even when exposed to outdoor elements such as rain or sun. Colors can be customized according to user preference.

How do I find custom printed barricade covers?

When choosing the best steel barricade covers for your needs, you need to consider several factors such as:

Check the quality of the barricade cover

Always go for a sturdy, thick-walled barricade cover. These types of covers are the ones that will last the longest and still look great even after prolonged exposure to sun or rain.

You can take a look at the seams to make sure they are tight enough and won’t leave any gaps in the cover.

Printing process

Personalization is a must to ensure that you can have your brand or company name on the front of the barricade cover itself.

You need to choose a printing process that will create a lasting imprint on the material and an exceptionally bright print quality that is vivid enough to be seen.

Choose the color palette that suits your needs

It is best to choose colors related to your business or company to reflect your brand. For example, suppose you are a construction agency that specializes in building houses. It makes sense to use blue and yellow barricade covers as these two colors are often associated with home building companies.

Print quantity

Choosing the right amount of barricade covers to print is always crucial in any business. The correct number of impressions will save you more money without wasting the product or branding you put on it.

You don’t need an excess of these materials because they don’t come cheap when choosing high volume custom printed barricade covers. The more you have, the lower your production costs will be.

Choose a safe and secure shipping method

You should choose a shipping method that will allow you to receive your purchase as soon as possible without spending too much time or money on it. You can choose from ground, air and overnight shipping options.

Print on quality paper for indoor use

Specific barricade covers can be printed with quality paper, while some require plastic sheeting to ensure the print will last even in harsh weather conditions.

Why do you need custom barricade covers?

Here are the following reasons why you need to have your custom barricade covers:

For better visibility

The bright colors of most barricade covers can be easily seen from afar. It ensures that no one will accidentally enter the designated area because they could not see the boundaries.

For safety reasons

People are aware that the bright colors of barricade covers can help prevent accidents. This is why most municipalities generally advise people to use them on construction sites and other places where public safety is a priority.

For branding purposes

Barricade covers are a great way for any company or business to promote their products or services to potential customers. Having your company name and logo in front of these covers can make all the difference in marketing and advertising.

For a more reliable investment

Having a custom printed barricade cover for your business is a more innovative and effective way to ensure that you can save time, effort and money when building or other projects in the future.

For a diverse look

In the construction industry, several types of barricade covers can be used. There are at least seven different colors to choose from for personalization and printing. You can have a mix of colors in your order for a more vibrant appearance.

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