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Frederick Bulsara, also known as Sol Badguy, has been terrorizing online matchmaking ever since Guilty Gear Strive launched its first beta, and although much of what he had removed for actual launch of the game, he continues to amaze new players and veterans with how great he is.

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As the longtime protagonist of Guilty Gear, it looks like Sol’s plot armor has received a significant boost with the fact that he has a toolbox that allows him to tackle any situation. combat that the game can throw at him. Since Sol is also one of the more beginner-friendly characters in Guilty Gear, you’re bound to find plenty of main Sol’s on each floor of the game’s online leaderboard, so if there’s a match you need to learn , It’s This one.

The game plan

Projectile Sol Badguy Gun Flame

Much like his rival Ky Kiske and the dolphin in love with May, Sol is categorized by the game under the “balanced” archetype, however, in practical terms, Sol favors the kind of aggressive gameplay that Guilty Gear games often rewardwhich means he’s better viewed as a Ken from Street Fighter with Ky rather than a Ryu.

No matter how good Sol Badguy is, waiting until Arc System Works the nerf isn’t a viable strategy, so instead you’ll want to exploit the few weaknesses the character currently has in their kit, especially when facing a Too offensive ground. used to seeing his attacks go unpunished.

To do this, you will need to react quickly to certain Sol attacks, memorize the best moves of your own character, and learn some basic data of the raster. The latter is basically how time is counted in fighting games, so if a move is +2 when you hit your block, that means unless you have an attack faster than 2 frames, it’s not your turn yet.

Far Slash and the other exploded normals of Sol Badguy

Sol Badguy blocks chain attacks

As far as raster data goes, Sol has been blessed with several of the best attacks in the game (click here for a detailed breakdown of Guilty Gear Strive’s list of moves), so beating Sol is pretty much like bypassing those tools. The first of these is the very oppressive Far Slash punch, a highly spammable move that is +2 to block, which on its own cannot be punished by any character in the game.

While Sol has one of the best tools in the game at the touch of a button, as Strive’s own mission mode will try to tell you, Sol can be hit when attempting two Far Slashes in a row (strict timing though) with the fastest options of most characters, like a standing or crouching punch, or a 6P air suppressor (front punch). Things get a bit tricky when Sol follows Far Slash with Standing kick (pictured above) who is tied for the attack without throwing Strive’s fastest.

The same could apply to Sol’s crouch attacks and his Heavy Slash button, all of which can lead to him landing one of Guilty Gear Strive’s most damaging combos. The key here is to punish Sol for repeatedly using Far Slash when he’s right on top of you before things get out of hand if he mixes you up properly – using a well-placed Psych Burst can come in handy as well.

Front slash Sol Badguy 6S

As if having Sol right above you wasn’t scary enough, he’s also equipped with a long-range Forward Slash (6S) that can connect to his specials when he lands. While not particularly fast, this flaming sword blow is disjointed, so you don’t want to challenge it unless you have a superior sword or projectile; instead, aim for a timely jump or rush forward before he can recover to preemptively launch one of the three attacks listed above.

Keep in mind that Blocking too much will increase your RISC gauge (the purple bar under the Burst), which can turn red and take even bigger hits from Sol due to how the damage ladder works in Guilty Gear Strive.

Defeat the Night Raid Vortex

Sol Badguy Night Raid special Vortex

Sol’s sliding special can seem a little intimidating at first if you don’t know how to deal with it, in part because it comes out pretty quickly, no matter what, you can always react to it with an attack on your part. or just block that out, as that’s usually the kind of special ground Sol will use when standing further away from you. If blocked, Night Raid Vortex has a bit of a lag at the end, so make sure you have your character’s most damaging combos ready. capitalize on the mistakes of the opposing Sol.

If Sol has at least 50% on his voltage meter, blocking becomes dangerous as he can fire a Red Roman Cancel to prolong the interaction and do great damage. In that case, you’ll want to time a low attack just as Sol is about to hit you, to trigger a kickback sequence that reverses the script. Know that Night Raid Vortex moves under most projectiles and those won’t do to stop Sol.

Beware of Fafnir

Special Sol Badguy Fafnir

While not as fast as Night Raid Vortex, Fafnir can be even more threatening because blocking will still give Sol plenty of time to throw you another face attack, increase your RISC gauge, and in case it hits, it will combine into the first one. Fafnir is also endowed with guard breaking properties that make him immune to yellow Roman cancellations, so what can you do to avoid being choked by Sol’s punch?

The best option might be to hit Sol with a long range attack as it flies towards you because that will stop him right in his tracks. However, throwing it away when it’s about to hit you also works wonders, because the throws are the fastest overall moves in Guilty Gear Strive at just 2 frames, so it will work as long as you’re fast enough.

Heavy crowd cemetery

Sol Badguy Heavy Mob Cemetery Overdrive super

Like most characters in Guilty Gear, Sol is no exception when it comes to owning a super Overdrive that will drain half of your health bar, but it does have the added bonus of being an entirely order-taking. armored, so it can’t be blocked, nor can Sol be interrupted with a hit after the cutscene animation. What to do then? Well, just jump or do a Roman Cancel while drifting upwards (provided you have enough counter) – which will cause Sol to miss the take, but either way, a shorter jump followed by an aerial shot is an even better option because that will also add a bit of damage.

Pressurized soil

Sol Badguy Volcanic Dragon Viper Hallmark

Provided you’ve managed to survive Sol’s constant barrage of hard-hitting attacks, you’ll eventually need to hit him to win a round. Therefore, when approaching, always keep in mind the range and speed of its normal attacks. Even then, when you get up in the air or get close to a knocked down Sol, you have to watch out for his Volcanic Viper, an invincible meterless knockdown that can quickly turn the game around much better than his own version. Ky.

Waiting for Sol to smell Volcanic Viper when you wake up isn’t the best strategy because the movement might be too fast to catch pure reaction before it shoots another invincible Viper. In that case, Exploiting Volcanic Viper’s vulnerability to throws could be the way to go, although figuring out the timing will likely require making good use of Guilty Gear Strive’s fantastic training mode.

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