How do I get or apply for a VISA debit card in India?


You can make secure and cashless transactions whether you get a RuPay, VISA or MasterCard debit card. But if you are looking for a debit card that specifically has a large global network and facilitates ultra-secure transactions, you should get a VISA debit card.

From now on, one can obtain a VISA debit card from any banking partner. But is the application process the same or different for different debit cards? What should you consider before applying for a VISA card? More importantly, how do I apply for a VISA debit card online? If you ask yourself all these questions, we have the answers in this blog. Keep reading to find out.

  1. Do your research

VISA offers a stellar range of debit cards, each catering to a different type of cardholder. Each type of debit card offers additional perks and benefits, depending on your monthly spending and average balance. You must therefore choose the VISA debit card you want before applying. Here are the different types of debit cards available.

  • VISA Classic debit card

It is a primary debit card that can be used to perform cashless transactions or withdraw cash at multiple locations.

In addition to being a regular ATM debit card, this card regularly offers special offers on retail dining and travel experiences to cardholders. One can also benefit from travel and medical insurance by using his card.

  • VISA Platinum debit card

This debit card is perfect for customers who want more benefits than VISA Gold. Cardholders enjoy 24/7 concierge services and discount offers.

  • The VISA Signature debit card

This card offers benefits such as 24/7 customer support, concierge services, and discounts provided in addition to the VISA Platinum debit card.

  • The VISA Infinite debit card

This card provides cardholders with benefits such as free lounge access and unlimited debit card usage wherever you are.

  1. Apply for a VISA debit card

Once you have chosen the desired VISA debit card, you can apply directly to your partner bank. Keep in mind that different banks offer different application modes for debit cards and card eligibility depends on your bank account type. Most banks today allow you to apply online through their website.

If you have a savings account with your partner bank, applying for a debit card is much easier since the bank already has all the necessary information. Keep in mind that you will still need to complete a KYC to get your debit card application approved. For this, you will need to submit the following documents.

  • Identity proof
  • Proof of address
  • PAN card
  • Form 16 (if PAN card is not available)
  • Two passport photos

Many banks allow virtual KYC, so you can get a debit card application approved, all without leaving your home.

To you

get your VISA debit card online is as simple as choosing your preferred card and applying for it from your bank that holds the savings account. With apps this simple, what are you waiting for? Get a VISA debit card from your banking partner today!


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