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FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. (WDVM) – Fairfax County is now offering Hope Cards to victims of domestic violence who have obtained longer-term protection orders.

The cards contain everything a police officer would need to know about the order, such as identifying information about the abuser.

The free plastic wallet-sized Hope card is a new way to fill protection orders and a new resource for victims of family violence. While not a replacement for a protection order, Hope cards are a more sustainable way for victims of domestic violence to provide information about their existing order to law enforcement.

County of Fairfax Police Department.

The program protects both the officers and the victim. Saly Fayez of the Fairfax County Police Department said responses to domestic violence calls are among the most dangerous situations for officers.

Although the card is new in Fairfax County, five other jurisdictions in the state have already implemented the program. Fayez says the card saved a life in another jurisdiction.

“An officer stopped a driver and asked for her license, and she actually pulled out the Hope card. He noticed that the real respondent on the card was in the driver’s seat, ”Fayez said. “I’ve said it before, but if it saves a single life, it’s worth it.”

Fayez says it can take up to two weeks for the petitioner to receive the card in the mail after submitting an application. You can find out more about the Hope Card program or how to apply here.


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