Highclere Castle Gin announces partnership to support young leaders with Queen’s Commonwealth Trust


Highclere Castle Gin is delighted to partner with the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust and support young entrepreneurs

ESSEX, Conn., August 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Highclere Castle Gin is proud to announce a partnership with the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust (QCT), appointing QCT as their official charity partner. Highclere Castle Gin will work in tandem with QCT to support young leaders across the Commonwealth with flexible funding, practical tools and support, and a vibrant network to help them transform their communities.

To honor the Platinum Jubilee year and kick off this campaign, Highclere Castle Gin will be donating a portion of the proceeds from bottles sold globally during the month of August to QCT. QCT aims for a world where youth-led projects receive increased support and investment, putting young leaders at the center of decision-making so they can make positive changes for themselves and their wider communities.

Highclere Castle Gin was launched in 2019 and quickly spread across the US, UK and Europe, with e-commerce serving 40 US states and 27 EU countries. The brand is featured in many of the world’s most exclusive restaurants and hotels and has won 68 international flavor and design awards with multiple ratings of over 96 ratings. QCT was launched in 2018 with the patronage of Her Majesty The Queen and has successfully funded projects in over 31 countries.

Highclere Castle Spirits, a British-American company spun off from the world-renowned Highclere Castle, was formed in partnership with the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon – global tastemakers and NY Times bestsellers who own and live in the chateau – as well as an American spirits entrepreneur, Adam of Gootkinwhose family history in distilling spirits dates back to the 1800s. Highclere Castle is one of Britain’s most famous country houses, serving as the site of the Emmy Award-winning television series and motion pictures “Downton Abbey”.

“We were looking for the right charity partner and QCT has a powerful vision, along with prudent financial management and a great team. Highclere Castle and Highclere Castle Gin support many charities in the UK and US, and QCT fits perfectly with our mission of positivity. I am especially happy to offer support to young aspiring entrepreneurs, who are indeed the coders of the reality of tomorrow,” said Adam of Gootkinco-founder and CEO of Highclere Castle Spirits.

Highclere Castle Spirits and QCT will partner in events at London and New York City in the coming months to raise awareness for this special cause and contribute as much as possible to this very special mission.

About the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust (QCT)

QCT launched on April 21, 2018, in recognition of Her Majesty The Queen’s life of service to others and her love for the Commonwealth and its young people. The Commonwealth is a global family of 56 countries, home to 2.4 billion people, 60% of whom are under the age of 30. We put young Commonwealth leaders at the center of everything we do and provide their organizations with flexible funding, practical tools and support, and a dynamic network to help them transform their communities, in agriculture and food, education and employability, environment, health and inclusion. Less than 0.1% of international aid goes to leaders like them, those most affected by the challenges and with solutions that work. Their collective potential is enormous. With your support, we can unlock it. To learn more about QCT, please visit, https://www.queenscommonwealthtrust.org.

About Highclere Castle Spirits Company

Highclere Castle Spirits was established in 2017 with the aim of producing the finest gin in the world. Using botanicals grown on the grounds of Highclere Castle, the super premium gin was created to celebrate Highclere’s reputation for entertainment, its commitment to agriculture and to honor its legendary traditions. The recipe was developed over the course of two years with the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon, owners of Highclere Castle who manage the gardens and estate with the American spirits entrepreneur, Adam of Gootkin. Highclere Castle Gin has won 68 prestigious international awards since its launch in 2019. The company is focused on delivering The Perfect Gin to consumers with the aim of becoming the most awarded gin in the world. To buy a bottle, learn more or discover our favorite cocktail recipes, go to www.HighclereCastleGin.com.

About Highclere Castle

Highclere Castle is a 5,000 acre estate located in Hampshire, England and has been the country seat of the Earl of Carnarvon since 1679. One of the most famous houses in the world, it achieved international fame as the principal filming location for the Emmy-winning period drama Downton Abbey, and film with the sequel released in March 2022. [Has it been released already?]

Over the centuries, Highclere Castle has been home to royalty, celebrities, prominent statesmen and artists and Lord and Lady Carnarvon continue to do so today. Having served gin at the castle to welcome guests for over 100 years, Highclere Castle Gin was created using botanicals from Victorian gardens to liquefy the “true spirit” of Highclere Castle and share it with the world. Highclere Castle has been renowned for its entertaining and house parties with gin cocktails over the years.

The 5e Archaeologist sponsored and accompanied by Earl Howard Carter for the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922 and Highclere is currently hosting an educational museum exhibit around the discovery. Highclere Castle welcomes over 135,000 visitors a year. The stream Lady Carnarvon has published several New York Times bestsellers, including At Home: Entertaining at the Real Downton Abbey and his recently released book, “Seasons at Highclere.” To find out more about Highclere Castle, please visit, www.highclerecastle.co.uk.

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