Half of all new cars sold in 2028 are expected to be electric, UK government says


The government has said that by 2028 more than half of new cars registered in the UK should be fully electric.

Revealed in detailed plans yesterday (April 7), the government set out a series of targets aimed at encouraging manufacturers to make more electric vehicles, as well as encouraging more consumers to make the switch.

The government is seeking to introduce a mandate that would require manufacturers to sell a certain percentage of VE by various dates. In 2022, ministers want to require that 22% of vehicles sold by each manufacturer be electric, which would increase to 52% in 2028, then to 80% by 2030. Manufacturers risk heavy fines if they do not reach these goals.

The government has previously said that from 2030 all new cars sold must be electric or plug-in hybrids, then by 2035 all models sold must be fully electric vehicles.

However, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) said “regulation must encourage consumers to buy, not just compel manufacturers to produce”.

SMMT Chief Executive Mike Hawes said: “The automotive industry continues to invest billions in a wide and growing range of zero-emission vehicles, vehicles that are already becoming commonplace on UK roads. However, to accelerate the pace of adoption and achieve the carbon savings demanded by Net Zero, regulation must encourage consumers to buy, not just force manufacturers to produce.

“Any mandate must be pragmatic, flexible and reflect the long-term commitment of each manufacturer. The danger is that consumers will not be incentivized to buy these new vehicles – vehicles that will remain more expensive than traditional petrol and diesel cars for several years – in the quantities needed, keeping their older, more polluting vehicles even longer. long time. thereby undermining the carbon savings that this regulation seeks to achieve.

SMMT figures showed that 16.1% of new cars registered in March 2022 were electric, or 39,315 registrations, although it should be noted that 12,911 of these registrations came from You’re herewith his Y-model and Model 3 being the two best-selling cars of the month.


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