From a new card printer to a jeweler’s tumbler, this is the latest gear for jewelry pros


drive straight

Drive Time Deluxe Edition: Watches Inspired By Automobiles, Motorcycles, And Racing is the highly anticipated fifth and final volume in the groundbreaking watch series, the TRILOGY OF RIZZOLI WATCHES. The series has been consistently praised and featured on numerous “best of” lists, and its latest addition is sure to be just as popular.


Print like a boss

The new Primacy 2 card printer from Eevee offers high resolution printing of the simplest to most secure cards at any level of security, including personalized graphics (colors, photos, personal data), magnetic stripe encoding, contact or contactless chips, holograms , protective laminations, UV effect, and Suite.




Fancy sip

Sure, your glass might be pretty, but is it a beautifully crafted sterling silver wine tumbler made by a jeweler? JEWELRY LABORATORY specializes in chasing and repelling, so when they put their skills to work in the drink, you know the results will be spectacular. This vessel’s elegant silver sweeps and lush textured floral design are sure to enhance any beverage you choose to pour into it.


jewelry tray

Terrific platter

You know we love a jewelry dish here, and this long, slender rectangular beauty by Juler’s Row is a prominent example. This porcelain tray features a row of eye-catching diamond designs, the perfect way to set the mood for jewelry while keeping the piece neutral that will go with any room’s decor.


Kross Studio Watch

Holy Clockwork, Batman!

The people of Gotham rejoice! Studio KrossThe new Batman Collector’s Set is a tribute to the Caped Crusader that even legendary billionaire Bruce Wayne will covet. The set starts with a gorgeous watch with a Bat Signal-shaped tourbillon cage and interchangeable straps, but its real show stopper is a fully functional sculpture of the Bat Signal that doubles as luxury watch storage.




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