Former NBA player Alexis Ajinca describes his journey of struggles and growth as an ‘outcast’ in inspiring new book, ‘A View From Here’


Former NBA award-winning player and now author, Alexis Ajinca shares intimate confessions and personal stories of his childhood as an outcast in his recently published book, “The View From Here: Unveiling The Tools of Self-Mastery to Find, Accept and Love Oneself, ”available for purchase October 19, 2021 from, and Barnes & Noble. Pre-order price starting at $ 6.99 for the ebook format and $ 29.99 for the pocket edition.

Overcoming social exclusion and personal anxieties to achieve the pinnacle of success, Alexis aims to help all those who find themselves in similar situations so that they too can hope for a better future.

“The view from here: unveiling the tools of self-control to find, accept and love yourself” is not simply a success; instead, it reveals the emotional and mental scars left when someone is left out and made to feel like a stranger. For a man over 7 inches tall that is Alexis, it can be even worse. Instead of wallowing in misery, Alexis does the impossible – he shares practical tools, tips and strategies to build confidence.

“If you’ve felt different in a way that lowered your self-esteem… If you have a hard time finding yourself, accepting yourself and being yourself… If you know the pain of being at home. exterior… This book is for you. My goal is to help you find the power within you to start your journey, ”says Alexis.

Alexis shares all the tools and strategies available that have helped him regain his confidence, his composure and his identity. His writing sends the reader into reflections on his being, and guides him in action, so that he can become his best version.

Creating a daring and happy “you” for the reader is the goal of “La vue from here: Unveiling the tools of self-control to find, accept and love oneself”. It also conveys a basic truth: that the reader should feel good about himself, and this is a prerequisite for being happy.

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‘The View From Here: Unveiling The Tools of Self-Mastery to Find, Accept and Love Oneself’ by Alexis Ajinça ​​will be released on October 19, 2021 and is currently available for pre-order at Amazon, Target and Barnes & Noble.

About Alexis Ajinça

Alexis Ajinça ​​is a former professional NBA athlete who has spent more than fourteen years in the field. Now living in North Carolina with his wife Courtney and their two sons, Carter and Caysen, Ajinça ​​has shifted its focus to developing its business portfolio and TRU Home, a nonprofit aimed at providing employment opportunities and a refuge for the homeless population. .

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