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For some time now, companies have been looking for better ways to align their communications and improve the customer experience in the process. A better connected team leads to improved productivity, better performance, and more informed staff members ready to serve any customer. Unfortunately, many organizations still struggle with silos between their back-end specialists and contact center agents.

Five9, one of the market leaders in customer experience innovation, strives to bridge the gap between contact center and internal communication. The company recently received Microsoft Teams certification for its contact center solution, designed to bring UCaaS and CCaaS together.

By creating a synergy between two parts of the communication stack, Five9 ensures that contact center agents have the information, advice and support they need to deliver an unforgettable customer experience.

I talked to Senior Director of Product Development at Five9, Beatrice Casanova, to know more. Beatrice previously worked with Cisco Cloud Collaboration and Poly group before joining Five9.

Contact centers compatible with Microsoft Teams are in demand

Beatrice Casanova

The demand for contact centers compatible with Microsoft Teams has skyrocketed lately, as the overall adoption of the software continues to grow. Teams now has around 250 million monthly active users. According to Beatrice, this only makes sense for companies that invest in tools like Teams to ensure they can connect their contact center to their UCaaS software.

“Microsoft Teams currently has an incredible market share, which means a lot of companies have knowledge workers and agents operating through Teams. Quickly, these groups begin to realize that their contact center cannot function as a separate silo from the rest of the business. The agents must be able to communicate with the employees of the back office, and vice versa ”.

Casanova told me that the importance of connecting the contact center and the UCaaS environment has become increasingly crucial since the pandemic. With people locked in their homes, the agent has become the face of every brand. Service agents began to process huge volumes of queries, often more complex than the calls they were used to. “Connecting CCaaS and UCaaS gives agents the support they need to thrive. “

The importance of Microsoft certification

Five9 had a relationship with Microsoft for some time before the contact center solution was officially certified. According to the Five9 team and Beatrice, obtaining official certification was an important step forward. “We’ve had an integration available to customers for a while, and our customers have loved using it, but getting certified has given us that added credibility. “

Microsoft’s certification program is extremely specific and very strict. It takes time and focus for brands to go through the process, and customers appreciate the effort that goes into certification. “The Connected Contact Center Program for Microsoft Teams verifies that we have been fully endorsed by Microsoft as a valuable contact center integration solution. “

Beatrice told me that Five9 has been on this path for quite some time now, and they are happy to be part of a select group of partners who have achieved the certifications.

What it means for Five9 customers to have team onboarding

Microsoft certification for Five9 contact centers is an important development for Five9 customers. According to Casanova, this integration means that Five9 agents in the contact center environment will be able to quickly collaborate with subject matter experts in the back office, so that they can answer customer questions and provide valuable solutions. faster.

“Agents will be able to use their Five9 address book to find contacts by group or name and check who is available to take a call. Agents can also transfer calls from customers to SMBs, or conference with SMB and customer at the same time.

Beatrice told me that the benefits of linking Microsoft Teams and the contact center are significant. Businesses can provide customers with a smooth experience, with faster average processing times and better first-call resolution. Even employees get a higher level of satisfaction because they feel better able to resolve customer queries quickly.

How does integration help the FCR?

One of the main benefits of Microsoft Teams and Five9 integration is the ability to improve first-call resolution. Beatrice told me that the chances of fixing a problem on the first try are higher because a Five9 agent will already be spending a lot of time in the Five9 desktop client, taking calls and processing messages. When they need expert help, it’s not practical to open a separate Microsoft Teams app.

“We take the solution and import all the directory information you need from your Teams environment, into the Five9 contact center directory, so it’s easier to reach your colleagues quickly. There’s also presence integration, so you can see who’s available to answer questions at the time.

With the Microsoft Teams integration of Five9, the agent never has to leave their Five9 desktop client, so they spend less time switching between apps.

Deployment of Microsoft Teams and Five9 technology

The Five9 team has put in place an extensive deployment and integration process to make connecting the contact center and Teams environment as easy as possible.

“First, we are working with the customer to configure their telephony needs on the SIP trunk between Microsoft Teams and the Five9 technology. This allows for convenient two-way calls between Teams users and Five9 agents, with free access for the customer. “

After handling the telephony integration, the customer installs the Microsoft Five9 Adapter, granting Five9 access to its Teams presence and directory features. Five9’s professional services teams have extensive experience in this area, so they can easily guide the client through the process.

As Five9 proved in a recently published case study for Westfield Bank, they are also able to work with partners to create the most convenient personalized experiences for customers. CallTower and Five9 worked together on the Westfield Bank solution to help the finance company gain more access to valuable information and improve real-time data flow.

Westfield Bank said the flexibility of being in a hosted environment with Five9’s CCaaS and CallTower’s direct routing has been a powerful added value for their technology stack.

Customers and partners those interested in learning more about Five9’s Microsoft Teams solution can check out the latest details here.


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