Evotix Unveils EHS Academy to Support Current and Future Health and Safety Industry Pioneers


CHICAGO, June 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — EVOTIX, a global leader in environment, health, safety (EHS) and wellness software, has launched the Evotix Academy, an EHS training guide aimed at supporting health and safety managers in their organizational transformation journey. This new addition reinforces Evotix as a best-in-class, end-to-end health and safety solution across all industries.

Through thousands of customer interactions, Evotix has identified a gap in the training capabilities and opportunities available to health and safety managers.

“Evotix EHS Academy is designed to fill a critical gap in the training available for those who want to go beyond textbooks and instead want to become leaders and champions of safety within their organizations,” said Matthew Elson, CEO of Evotix. “Specific training such as how to conduct a forklift inspection or the regulations for working at height exist, but there is nowhere a concise and practical guide for those responsible for the function, whether they whether new or experienced, on what it takes to be an effective operator. EHS Manager.”

The Evotix EHS Academy offers practical guidance and tools to help build the confidence needed to put EHS at the heart of operations. Understanding that change cannot be executed at one level or by one person, these micro-learning courses support EHS professionals, management teams and change makers who champion health and safety within their teams, whatever their level.

By participating in this online program, participants are empowered to confidently conduct workshops and facilitate conversations with leadership teams on the most pressing and global EHS issues affecting businesses. Upon completion of the course, participants have access to an EHS toolkit to educate and engage employees and colleagues.

The EHS Academy offers:

  • Health and safety knowledge, such as how to recognize and mitigate hazards and risks, the importance of incident management, and establishing a reporting mindset.
  • Leadership skills that health and safety professionals need to have to have the right conversations with stakeholders and influence change in their organization.
  • A collection of tools and resources that are essential in a health and safety environment.
  • A step-by-step guide to successfully launching and integrating state-of-the-art EHS software.

At the end of the Evotix EHS Academy, participants will understand the impact of not prioritizing people’s health and safety. The Academy will help users identify and discuss their organization’s health and safety maturity and feel confident teaching others within the company, including leaders and employees of all organization, that health and safety are important.

As a leading health and safety SaaS solution provider, Evotix is ​​focused on promoting workplace health and safety by providing innovative and engaging technology that integrates into the daily workflow. Evotix provides a complete solution covering all aspects of health and safety management. The solution is online and designed to be used quickly and easily on site. With Evotix, incidents can be reported and shared in minutes, actions can be tracked to completion, and underlying trends can be analyzed.

For free access to Evotix EHS Academy, please click on this link.

About Evotix:

As a market-leading solution, Evotix brings people and technology together with intuitive, human tools that are radically changing the way organizations approach health and safety. Its technology helps solve EHS challenges to create a safer and smarter workplace.

Situated at London and Chicago, Evotix’s technologies are transforming the management of the world’s most critical EHS challenges, giving customers the confidence to develop their processes and make critical changes in the workplace. To learn more, please visit: https://www.evotix.com/ .



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