Dungeons & Dragons gets an official virtual table powered by Unreal Engine


Over the past couple of years, software for playing tabletop role-playing games remotely has become more popular than ever – for obvious reasons. Dissatisfied with people using third-party software such as Roll20Wizards Of The Coast announced today that it is creating its own virtual Dungeons & Dragons table using Unreal Engine 5. It looks pretty fancy.

The virtual table is called D&D Digital and it was announced today as part of the Wizards Presents stream. You will find it around the 7m20 mark of this video. As reported by (RPS sister site) Dice breakerthe platform will allow people to create 3D environments, fill them with miniatures, and then move them around as they adventure.

The software provides handy tools to help you play, including software-integrated dice rolls, health bars, and moving characters using a ruler to measure distance. There’s also a tilt effect on the software’s built-in camera to make everything look suitably like a model world you’re tinkering with.

If you don’t feel like building environments from the provided prefabs, Wizards also says they’ll bundle the software with pre-built environments and campaigns. The idea is obviously that it should be as accessible and easy to use as possible.

Wizards Of The Coast announced the Virtual Tabletop software alongside the successor to D&D 5th Edition. No, it’s not 6th Edition, but “One D&D,” which will effectively treat the tabletop system as a live service game that’s constantly evolving rather than through occasional major releases. You can learn more about One D&D also on Dicebreaker.


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