Don’t Waste Your Money: Expensive Item Inflation


(WHTM) — We all feel the impact of inflation every time we go shopping. But, if you’re buying big-ticket items, it can really hit the mark, as a man from Aurora, Indiana just learned.

Gary Allen found the perfect cedar gazebo at Lowe’s last spring and says he prepaid $9,400 on his credit card. “I found it online, ordered it in March, and the delivery date was April 23,” Allen said.

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But April became July, then September came and went and still no discount. It was out of stock. Allen says the store has plenty of other sheds in stock, but none of them looked like the truss he ordered and, he says, by the time they had one for him, the price was so higher.

“I paid $9,400, and now it’s $12,100,” Allen said. Why the almost $3,000 increase over the original price? Increase in wood prices.

“They have problems with the price level of their supplier. And it told me they had to raise the price because it wasn’t available,” Allen said.

We contacted Lowe’s where a spokesperson promised to look into Allen’s case. A week later, they gave her a $750 gift card. Although Allen says that still doesn’t bring the shed back to what he originally paid for.

The same inflation is also hitting new and used cars, appliances and other items. So how can you protect yourself if something you want is out of stock? Ask if you can lock in the current price. If you can’t, consider another model currently in stock. Or, watch a smaller version. In that case, Lowe’s now has a small shed for $9,000.

When it comes to big ticket items, this is where inflation really hits home. As always, don’t waste your money.


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