DBS is investigating reports of duplicate transactions on certain debit and credit cards



SINGAPORE: DBS said on Friday (June 18) that it was aware of duplicate transactions on “selected debit and credit cards” and that the bank was working to resolve the issue.

“Rest assured that any duplicate transaction will be refunded. We apologize for the inconvenience caused and ask for your understanding, ”DBS said in a tweet around 11:20 am.

He said in an update around 3:30 p.m. that he was still fixing the issue and that any duplicate transactions would be automatically refunded by Sunday.

Dozens of customers posted comments on the bank’s Facebook page saying they had suffered duplicate transactions.

DBS customers received a notice in their banking app informing them of the problem.

Several Facebook users said the transactions resulted in a negative balance in their bank account.

The DBS and POSB mobile apps were also inaccessible for some customers, and many said they could not access the bank’s customer service hotline.


A CNA reader who wanted to be identified as Ms. Chua said she only had S $ 10 left in her POSB account.

The 31-year-old executive discovered the problem of duplicate transactions on Friday morning after her friend texted her asking her to verify her bank account.

“After checking my account, I realized my savings were almost wiped out,” Ms. Chua said.

She said the duplicate transactions were mostly payments to merchants since June 14.

DBS investigates duplicate transaction reports (1)

Several DBS customers were unable to access the banking application.



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