Credit uptrend puts emphasis on financial literacy


Rising Credit Solutions is shifting its business focus from credit repair only and will offer a wide range of services, including financial literacy, credit reports and credit restoration, according to a Monday (March 28) Press release.

In the coming months, Uptrend will launch several financial literacy programs and services aimed at helping people repair their credit while expanding credit monitoring and educational services.

The company said it will place particular emphasis on helping underserved communities, minority populations and those who have been hard hit financially by the pandemic.

“When I started this journey, I knew right away that I wanted to do something other than credit repair,” CEO and Founder Wes-Paul said in the press release. “And primarily it has to do with relationships – financial relationships with credit companies and banks, yes – but also personal relationships with the people involved.

“After attending a credit conference last year, I was able to begin building the necessary relationships with industry representatives and leaders to begin putting the pieces in place for this business.”

According to the release, Uptrend strives to provide comprehensive credit education to support the financial health of underserved individuals and communities.

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“By walking with Uptrend’s friendly ambassador, Tiko the Panda, customers can see their credit scores and reports displayed on an easy-to-understand platform that will also help them build their credit literacy and work to generational wealth,” the company said in the statement. . “Generational wealth is one of the secrets to lasting financial success, and it starts with good credit.”

Paul said the company stands out from others in this “saturated industry” as it has “ventured both ways.”



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