Create New Sales and Dazzle Your Customers with GN Diamond’s Mobile Online Inventory Search Portal


(PRESS RELEASE) One Diamond Hunt feature in particular delights and converts online customers: the lightweight, third-party verified performance score. Complete with high-resolution photos and detailed measurements, this engaging visual sales tool is being used by independent jewelers more than ever to drive online and in-person sales. This tool is easily viewed from a mobile phone, i-pad or desktop computer to be shared with potential customers during a sales presentation or simply by sending a link of the diamond for a customer to easily view.

Captivate customers at home

The third-party light performance score helps communicate the meaning and value of brightness and brilliance. Generally cautious online shoppers feel empowered by this knowledge and are able to confidently select the right diamond from the comfort of their own homes.

Diamond Hunt uses clear visuals to demonstrate to the customer exactly what it means when you say a diamond has excellent light performance. The customer can easily compare all the diamonds in your inventory to see how subtle differences in color, clarity, cut, and brightness affect overall brilliance and quality, explaining why one diamond is more valued than another. And customers have peace of mind knowing that the light performance score is an objective, third-party assessment.

Created by GN Diamond, Diamond Hunt is a white label online diamond shopping portal that independent jewelers can use to sell online with their own brand and markups. Diamond Hunt can also be easily used in-store by simply bringing up the search portal on in-store devices or scanning a QR code.

Convenience for you and your customers


While many shoppers still prefer to buy online and competition on the internet continues to intensify, independent jewelers need all the advantages of selling online they can get. Make it convenient and engaging to browse your online inventory with Diamond Hunt’s lightweight performance score, 360-degree video, Gemprint ID, and more.

GN Diamond is dedicated to developing convenient tools that make it easier for customers to do business with you. Visit here and contact us today to find out how to add a diamond listing that truly dazzles to your website. Our sales representatives are available 7 days a week at [email protected].


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