Couple seeking $14,000 line of credit at jewelry store leads to identity theft arrest by San Diego police


February 5, 2022 – The San Diego Police Department reports that a jewelry store quickly notified us when a man and woman attempted to open a line of credit for $14,000 with fraudulent identification. officers san diego police department badgearrived in time and spoke to the man before he left. He provided the police with fake IDs. Once officers were able to correctly identify the man, they learned he had a felony warrant and was on parole. Officers found several keys in his pocket, leading them to a car in the parking lot.

They found his partner in the vehicle, who also had an ID that did not belong to her. The car the man was driving had been reported stolen. Officers found drugs and break-in tools inside the vehicle. Detectives responded and were able to locate the hotel they were staying at. They found additional credit cards not belonging to them, bulletproof vests, drugs and tools used to make identifications. Both were arrested for identity theft with prior convictions.

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Source: San Diego Police Department


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