ClinicalPURSUIT offers powerful clinical data capture management tools that streamline clinical trials for their clients

Clayton, MO, January 30, 2022 –(– Clayton, MO: In a world where access to effective healthcare treatments and medicines is becoming increasingly critical, the demand for capture systems of clinical electronic data continues to increase. To meet the growing demand, ClinicalPursuit, an electronic data capture and clinical trial management platform, comes to the fore with its powerful data capture management tools, systems and software.

Offering more than any other clinical trial management system, ClinicalPURSUIT strives to deliver custom-configured, web-based solutions to streamline clinical trials, reduce study times, and improve profitability.

ClinicalPURSUIT has quickly become one of the industry’s leading companies, providing effective and convenient clinical trial data management and clinical EDC solutions to their customers and other organizations involved in medical research.

The clinical and patient-reported information management platform products and services bring nothing but the latest technological advancements, dramatically improving clinical trial management, data management, and patient experience. .

Web-based solutions enable their customers to speed up their workflow, collect data faster, and deliver even faster medical solutions and treatments to patients. With custom configurable solutions and products, researchers are able to determine which features work well for their studies and clinical trials.

These customized solutions and services reduce redundancy, training time, and overall operational costs because organizations involved in research only choose and pay for the features and settings they deem essential. ClinicalPursuit offers solutions and services such as Rapid Study Development, Simplified EDC Data Management, Intelligent Electronic Data Capture (EDC), Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePro), Electronic Clinical Data Capture corporate, patient registry function, etc.

Speaking of their products and services, a senior company spokesperson said, “With ClinicalPursuit, we have seen the growing demand for better and more efficient clinical trial solutions to streamline clinical research. All of the products and services we offer are intended to meet these demands, enabling organizations and researchers to improve clinical trial management, data management and patient experience.

About ClinicalPURSUIT
Offering clinical trial data management and patient registry solutions to organizations involved in research, ClinicalPURSUIT is quickly becoming an industry leader. Their products and services offer some of the latest technological advancements, providing better features that improve clinical trial management, data management and patient experience.

ClinicalPURSUIT differs from other traditional patient registry solutions in the industry because of its web-based and personalized products and services. Those interested in learning more about the company’s products and services can contact them through the information provided below.

Contact information for ClinicalPURSUIT
Location: 222 South Central Avenue Clayton, MO 63117
Phone: 877-791-4367


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