Berkshire Hathaway Energy plans to buy 399 MW of Montana wind power from NaturEner


Berkshire Hathaway Energy, or BHE, plans to buy nearly 400 MW of wind generation in Montana from NaturEner USA, according to an application filed Tuesday with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Output from the three wind farms – Glacier I, Glacier II and Rim Rock – is under contract with Morgan Stanley Capital Group under power purchase agreements that expire on April 30, 2026.

The planned deal includes the purchase of Power Watch, which runs a generation-only balancing authority for Glacier Wind Farms, and Wind Watch, a generation-only balancing authority for Rim Rock, according to the app. .

The Rim Rock Project interconnects with the Montana-Alberta Tie Line, Glacier I interconnects with the NorthWestern Energy transmission system, and Glacier II interconnects with the Glacier Electric Cooperative transmission system.

The proposed deal meets FERC’s approval criteria, according to BHE and NaturEner, which is owned by Grupo NaturEner, a renewable energy company based in Madrid, Spain.

It will not harm competition, rates or regulation and will not result in the cross-subsidization of any company not associated with a utility or the pledging or encumbrance of utility assets for the benefit of an associated company, BHE and NaturEner said.

They asked FERC to approve the transaction by October 3.

BHE, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, also owns BHE Renewables, which had 4,654 MW as of April 2021. This capacity included 1,665 MW of wind power, 1,536 MW of solar power, 970 MW of natural gas, 345 MW of geothermal energy and 138 MW of energy. hydraulic, according to the company.

BHE has also made $6.9 billion in tax fairness investments in third-party wind farms, according to Berkshire Hathaway’s latest report. Annual Report.


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