Arab States delegation completes search and rescue exercise with yeshiva



As part of a visit to Israel, a delegation from the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Morocco visited the Shaarei Rahamim yeshiva where they conducted a search and rescue exercise with the students. The exercise included administering “medical treatment” to a medical mannequin. Shaarei Rahamim (Gates of Compassion) is a unique yeshiva that combines a traditional religious studies program with secular studies that focus on the providing practical tools to students. The yeshiva teaches search and rescue tactics so that students can meet some of the high demand for professionals in this field, the school said. Founded 30 years ago, the yeshiva pays tribute to Rabbi Rahamim Naouri who was involved in education throughout his lifetime, inspiring his students to found the yeshiva and carry on his educational legacy. About 15 years ago, the school joined the Branco Weiss educational network which seeks to advance innovative educational models. concept of the Branco Weiss network, which advocates the creation of broad collaborations in order to prepare our students for tomorrow ”, said Sigal Moran, CEO of Branco Weiss. subjects, as well as the highest level of theoretical studies, and such cooperation proves the prestige of the program and its professionalism. “



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