Application of HK$2 Octopus card for seniors 65 or older starts in June


Hong Kong residents aged 65 or over can apply for next month’s JoyYou card through the end of October 2023 in batches to continue enjoying the HK$2 transport fare, the government announced Monday.

The government had earlier lowered the eligibility age for the public transport fare reduction scheme by HK$2 for eligible elderly and disabled people from 65 to 60 years old.

They will need to use a JoyYou card – a special Octopus card with the photos and names of the cardholders – in order to take advantage of reduced fares on public transport, including the MTR, buses, green and red minibuses, ferries, kaito ferries and tram lines. .

People born in 1956 can apply for the card from June 1 to 30, while the following months will each be devoted to applications from people born between 1955 and 1938 or before respectively.

Applicants can submit their applications via the Octopus App mobile application or by sending the application forms to Octopus Cards Limited.

In addition, distribution points for paper application forms will increase from more than 330 to more than 540 from June 1.

They include 97 MTR station customer service centers, 210 district community centers for the elderly, 190 real estate offices under the Hong Kong Housing Authority, and 20 estates under the Hong Kong Housing Society.

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