Air Canada is hiring for a bunch of jobs in Ontario and some offer great travel perks


Do you work just to earn enough money to travel? Well, then maybe working for an airline might be the best of both worlds.

Air Canada is hiring for a bunch of jobs in Ontario, and their perks are definitely worth looking into.

In addition to providing employees with benefit plans that include health and dental care, they also have a wellness platform that provides tools and resources “to help you live your best life.” . In addition, Air Canada has a compensation and pension plan for its employees.

But, arguably, the best part of working with Air Canada is probably the fact that the airline offers its employees and their immediate family members special airfare discounts. Plus, “through Air Canada’s partners, they also get discounts on car rentals, hotel accommodations, vacation packages and tour operators.”

Did someone say “family vacation?”

If you are interested in working with Air Canada, be sure to check out the job listings below.

Freight Resource Planning Specialist

Who should apply: If you love working to deadlines and are passionate about planning, look no further. For this job, ensure you have advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office and ework experience in a unionized environment.

Apply here

Concierge & Premium Customer Experience Manager

Who should apply: do you know how to deal with customers? Then this, my friend, could be the job for you. If you have a proven customer service mindset and are a model of leadership excellence, be sure to apply!

Apply here

Airport-Freight Trainer Level 1

Salary: $29.08 per hour

Who should apply: If you are able to obtain and maintain a valid Authorization to Airside Vehicle Operation (AVOP) license and are familiar with airport processes, this job may be of interest to you. However, you must have excellent communication, leadership and organizational skills and be proficient in Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

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Manager, Global Baggage – Programs and Delivery

​Who should apply? Are you a university graduate in management, but are you also customer service oriented? Then take a look at this job posting. However, you must have excellent written and oral communication skills and be able to multi-task cohesively.

Apply here

Product Owner

​Who should apply: If you have an interest in mobile apps and also have a college degree in business, commerce, or computer science, this job might pique your interest. If you have between one and five years of experience delivering digital experiences, be sure to apply for this job here.

Apply here

Manager, Sales Operations – Freight

Who should apply: If you have more than five years of commercial sales experience, particularly in the cargo or airline industry, this role could be for you. Along with years of experience, you will also need to be a self-motivated individual who can make good judgments and quick decisions.

Apply here

Customer Experience Manager – Airports

Who should apply: Are you a passionate individual who would love to lead Air Canada’s customer and employee experience? Do you also have two years of customer service management experience? Then be sure to fix your resume and apply to that job posting.

Apply here


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